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Go for a Li-Ion battery!

Laptops and other mobile devices are becoming smaller and more is expected from these devices. This has led to the development of Lithium Ion batteries. These types of batteries use electrodes made of lithium and carbon, making them very light and compact. Compared to the older generation of batteries, Li-Ion batteries deliver much better performance.

Why are Lithium Ion batteries so interesting?

The Lithium Ion batteries found in laptops are not the same as the primary lithium batteries used by, for example, cameras. The Li-Ion technology was designed in 1990 and over the years this has become one of the most widely used batteries. Li-Ion batteries work particularly well in laptops, iPhones, iPods, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

The weight and size of batteries is determined by the energy density. Scientists went in the early 90s to look for a battery that was both light and compact and that has a high energy density. We know the result of these studies: the Li-Ion battery!

Do you know that these batteries are not only used in portable electronic devices? These batteries can also be found in the aviation sector, the military world. And car companies also make frequent use of these batteries.

Just because Li-Ion batteries have a much higher energy density than other batteries, much fewer cells are needed to assemble a battery. As a result, not only are the costs for making Li-Ion batteries lower, but these batteries are also much more reliable than other batteries. Therefore, a lot of use is made of Li-Ion batteries for all kinds of applications.

Because Li-Ion batteries can be developed in hundreds of shapes and sizes, they can be used in almost any application.

The benefits of Li-Ion batteries

  • Higher energy density
  • Many charging and discharging cycles possible
  • Higher voltage per cell
  • Optimal performance even at low temperatures
  • Easy in use
  • Low self-discharge (approximately 5% per month)
  • Easy to recharge
  • Less harmful to the environment

Memory effect

One of the most important advantages of Lithium Ion batteries is that they do not suffer from the memory effect. In concrete terms, this means that they do not have to be fully discharged before you want to fully or partially recharge them. Li-Ion batteries can literally go through hundreds of charging and discharging cycles without being harmed by this.

The disadvantages of Li-Ion batteries

Are there no disadvantages at all to Li-Ion batteries?

Li-Ion batteries are not cheap to purchase, that is just about the only common disadvantage. Very rarely, and this is actually about two to three copies on millions of Li-Ion batteries, there is sometimes a risk of explosion. With the correct use of these batteries, however, this danger is virtually non-existent.

Li-ion batteries are the most powerful type of batteries on the market and hardly ever cause any problems. The lack of memory effect is particularly interesting with these batteries.

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advantages and disadvantages of lithium ion batteries