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Can you learn to play piano with a piano book? Of course.

Of course, when I started playing the piano, I needed a few books first.

With the ebooks from pianoforall you can learn all the basics that you need to go ahead.

We are recommending these piano books for beginners.

We will give you an overview of the best piano books on the market .

In doing so, we will distinguish between the books that deal with learning to play the piano and the ones that describe self-study at the piano.

The reason: The teaching methods vary from book to book.

best piano books for beginners
Best piano books for beginners

A book is a great tool during your first piano lessons . The more practical, the better.

You can also learn to play the piano with the help of video tutorials, and that too should be very effective.

Learning to play piano with books is indeed the “classic” method, but also the most reliable.

There are countless piano books for beginners. There are known and unknown, the classics, less famous, less renowned, but just as efficient for piano lessons.

Discover them with us!

Where do you find the best piano books for beginners to learn piano?

There are many places where you can find piano books.

There are two types of pianists : those who like to play the piano on their own or who want to learn keyboard , and those who choose to teach with a piano teacher.

And depending on how you choose, the choice of books is different.

Of course, when I say books, I mean piano ebooks from piano for all.

You can also find it here.

A relationship from lover to lover for example. The one who can tell nice anecdotes and create a pleasant atmosphere will motivate his students.

You also have the opportunity to get tips from the sellers, who are often musicians themselves. These advices are quite useful, especially if you are a beginner piano .

Nowadays, there are plenty of opportunities to get piano books for beginners.

In the end, everyone decides for himself what he wants to do from that moment.

Either it’s just about buying the book or you’re putting on a purchase adorned with tips and recommendations from music professionals .

There is no right or wrong approach. That makes everyone as he has desire and time.

What’s the best way to pick his piano notes?

The most important step is to decide which material to use for his piano lessons.

If you practice regularly, the book will accompany you for about 3-4 months.

The choice of the book is so crucial. It is a good idea to ask for different opinions before deciding on a piano book with the best value for money .

And then it is still good to listen to the opinions of musicians. Those who have already gained experience with the books themselves are the most competent and suitable to advise newcomers.

Buying his first piano book is a bit of a student’s initiation ritual into the great family of pianists.

Why should one learn to play piano with a book?

Paper is now over 2,000 years old and has always been the material for education.

It remains an efficient, durable means of transmitting information; This applies to music courses as well as to language courses or singing lessons.

Besides the fact that you can share a textbook with several students, it helps that improve memory, cognitive processes, verbal learning and verbal communication .

For the teachers in the music school, paper is the best way to teach music.

Generally, a piano book contains several scores and a learning CD to learn how to play the piano.

Piano books enable the transfer of musical knowledge over several generations .

Some pianists inherit the music books of their ancestors and then also learn the sonatas, the improvisation on the piano or the music theory without a piano teacher.

What should you look for when buying a piano book?

Every work has its own characteristics. The goal of the books is always the same, but the approach is usually different.

Therefore, one should take time in the decision.

The content of the exercises is one of the main criteria . Their logic and sequence also play a role.

It is important that the steps build on each other. If, from the beginning, the sequence seems confusing and meaningless, then it is difficult to keep track.

This logic should also be reflected in the difficulty of the exercises : this should increase and gradually teach the student various techniques for progress in his piano lessons .

Which are the best books for piano self-study?

If you want to learn to play the piano by yourself, a piano book is certainly the key element for the development.

Here are some sample works that have proven their quality:

  • “Playing the piano – my most beautiful hobby” (Hans-Günter Heumann) : This book is suitable for people who want to learn to play the piano as a hobby. The book begins with a little music theory and introductory exercises for hands and fingers, about music theory, piano learning notes and rhythm, to various pieces to re-enact.
  • “Smart Piano: The quick introduction to modern piano playing” (Wolfgang Wierzyk):  This textbook has the peculiarity that it contains an MP3 CD, the playback tracks and complete songs to play along and replay has. The special feature of the book is that from the beginning pieces of various genres of music also leave room for improvisation.
  • “Alfred’s Piano School for Adults” (Lethco, Manus, Palmer) : Here you will learn the basics of piano playing. With a large selection of pieces there is something for every taste. On the accompanying CD you will find live recordings that can help you learn piano.

Further notes on piano lessons in old age are summarized here.

Textbooks with classical pieces for piano beginners

Having a classical music education without attending traditional piano lessons is possible!

During a piano lesson for beginners without a piano teacher , the student has the choice of playing with the right, the left, or directly with both hands, depending on his personal development.

In the beginning it is not compulsory to be able to play with both hands: the student can learn the score with one hand at a time and then increase himself if he feels safer.

There are many textbooks that contain various piano scores or scores contain . Mostly there is a suitable CD.

With the CD you can be accompanied by other instruments. So you stay more in rhythm and it sounds better.

To play the prelude of Bach or the great pieces of Schumann or Schubert, that is ideal!

It is also possible to learn to play the piano on the Internet. There are websites offering free scores for beginners .

Learning to play piano provides access to an electric piano for those who would like to learn how to play piano on the synthesizer.

Whether with an online course or a piano book: start learning piano today – without the help of a teacher!