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Does battery reconditioning really work?

You have probably already noticed that the performance of your battery (in any device) decreases with time. Once you have used your laptop intensively for about four years, you will notice that the battery does not charge much more quickly than when you first bought the laptop. New technologies are regularly being developed to keep batteries performing better and longer.

What is accurate revision exactly?

Fortunately, there are processes to restore batteries that fail at a given moment. This is called reconditioning of batteries . Although this will sound complicated to most people, accurate revision is not at all that difficult and you can easily carry out such a revision yourself at home. This not only allows you to save a lot of money, but also allows you to use your devices for much longer.

does battery reconditioning really work
Does battery reconditioning really work?

However, battery overhaul is not only interesting for your wallet, but the environment also benefits from countless benefits: old batteries are not often thrown away and recycled, but the number of production processes for making new batteries will also be much lower.

How much longer can you use a battery if you overhaul it?

The extra service life that you can achieve through overhaul will depend on the type and type of battery.

Lithium-ion battery that is overhauled correctly and at the right time can last twice as long.

Nickel-Cadmium batteries generally last around ten years. If you overhaul it correctly, these batteries can effortlessly go through five hundred charging and discharging cycles. Can you imagine how many hundreds of euros you can save with this?

What do you need to recondition batteries?

You do not need any special material to overhaul batteries, but of course you will need some basic material such as:

  • A solid charger that is suitable for the type of battery that you want to overhaul.
  • Safety equipment such as a fireproof storage box or bag where you can tuck the battery in during the charging process.

However , this does not mean extra costs compared to the amount that you can save with accuracy .

Are you looking for professional accuracy?

Once you have specialized in accuracy, you can also get started with this professionally. The investment costs for starting your own battery company are very low and you can often buy old or damaged batteries for a small price or buy them for free. This ensures high profit margins if you sell these batteries again after revision. The starting up a business overhaul is also a very lucrative business.

If your batteries fail prematurely or no longer work properly, you will have to overhaul the battery. You can find out how to tackle this through our  Battery Reconditioning Program . If your cell phone, laptop, camera, car or any other battery fails again, view  this page  and learn step by step how you can easily bring dead batteries back to life.

does battery reconditioning really work
Does battery reconditioning really work?