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7 Best exercises to jump higher and to increase the vertical jump, especially for those who are beginners and have the objective of improving the vertical jump quickly without having to attend a fitness room to train with weights.

Ideally, combine weight training with plyometrics exercises. 

What is plyometrics?

It is a type of training that helps us to be faster and more powerful.

Vertical jump technique

Just like having powerful legs to perform a good vertical jump , having a good technique is also important. The best advice to improve your technique is:

Jump, jump and jump more.

It seems simple right? There are people who do not jump enough or visualize their jump when they are going to do it. 

Obviously, we want to transfer it to our sport. 

Jumping in basketball, volleyball, parkour or a long jump is not the same. Yes, increasing the vertical jump also improves your power for horizontal jumps. 

We will not always be focused on executing the perfect jump when we are playing a basketball game, since more elements are involved in that sport.

Therefore, we must automate our jumping technique well, how do we do it?

  • Simulate real situations: we can pass a ball a little high so that we have to jump throwing our arms up to the maximum power to catch or hit the ball. You can set goals such as touching the basketball basket board, roofs, etc. On a psychological level you will try to jump more when you have an object that you want to reach.
  • Practice your jump in static and dynamic : this means that you take a measurement of your evolution of your jump in standstill next to a wall and your jump in the race to both 1 leg and 2 legs. So you can determine if you are improving more in one type of jump or another.
  • Visualize your best jump:  Mentalize yourself before jumping, rest between jumps, recover and jump again. Sometimes we block, we do not perform the steps towards the goal we want to achieve in a race jump, we do not jump in time and we do not hit the ball. Therefore, it is important to record ourselves on video to analyze our technique, compare it with good jumpers and adapt it to our style.

Important exercises to jump higher

  • Step up jumps:  This exercise helps us gain power in the quadriceps, pretending to climb a large step in a very explosive way, we can alternate legs or perform it first with one leg and then the other.
  • Box jumps:  Depending on the height of the drawer we will perform it at a greater or lesser intensity. Do it at one leg and at a low height, but at a faster speed emphasizing bounce quickly when a foot makes contact with the ground to release that energy with the next jump. We can do it on 2 legs and at a higher height but the objective of the exercise will change.
  • Squat jumps:  It is the most similar to a vertical jump in static, only in this exercise our hip if it falls halfway down the path as in a normal squat, it is logical that we do not jump as much as if we did in a normal jump but we will be developing the strength and power necessary to stimulate the muscles.
  • Tuck jumps (jumps with knees to the chest):  has the goal similar to the box jump to one leg, release the energy of the impact to jump higher with the minimum contact time on the ground. This exercise is more explosive because we try to bring the knees to the chest in each jump without losing height.
  • Lunge jumps:  this exercise helps us improve coordination when jumping alternating legs, and the balance, since we land more unstably, is quite complete because we work quadriceps and buttocks to a large extent.
  • Long jumps (static long jumps):  horizontal jumps are also excellent for gaining power in the legs especially when we want to jump high but at the same time we move horizontally. We jump, stop, and in each jump it is important that we give our 100%.
  • Depth jumps:  we will do it from a low height between 20 and 40 cm with very few repetitions. If we want to do it at a higher height our muscular structure must be prepared for it, in that case we must already do a good weight training. We must let ourselves fall from the step forward and as soon as we make contact with the ground we must jump quickly again. It is advisable to start this exercise when we are more advanced.

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7 Best exercises to jump higher

Here you have a video performing these exercises, it is important to clarify that these exercises should not be performed in the same jump training session.