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A step-by-step guide on how to recondition cell phone battery.

One of the biggest annoyances among mobile phone users is the battery that no longer recharges or a battery that fails after a few hours. Today we have become so used to the fact. A new battery is always an extra expense. Well, this doesn’t need to panic you at all. Reconditioning your cell phone  battery is perfectly possible.

The battery is the beating heart of your phone

A mobile phone without a battery is nothing for you. Even if you still have the most sophisticated mobile phone in your pocket, if your phone’s battery fails, you are nowhere.

It’s a shame that every battery has a limited lifespan.

Almost all mobile phones use Lithium Ion batteries. These are, after all, light and compact, have a high energy density and low self-discharge. Moreover, Lithium Ion batteries do not suffer from the memory effect, which means that they will not ‘remember’ previous charges and discharges.

Despite all these advantages, Lithium Ion batteries also have a major disadvantage: they are expensive. You therefore have every interest in taking good care of your phone’s battery.

How can you ensure a longer life for your Lithium Ion battery?

  • Let the battery of your phone fully charged before use. Most people don’t do this. You know yourself to someone else! Can you wait to test your phone before it is fully charged? Usually everyone wants to get started right away. Do not do this! Having your phone fully charged before first use has a positive effect on the life of the battery.
  • Are you also one of those people who let his phone charge all night to use it intensively the next day? You better not do this. Charging your phone for a short period of time has a much more positive effect on your battery.
  • Also have your Lithium Ion battery fully discharged once a month. This also benefits the life of your battery.
  • If your battery is charging, preferably do not use your telephone. This can cause your battery to overheat.
  • Never place your phone in full sun or in places where it is very hot. External heat can overheat your battery. A charger with a too high voltage can also overheat your phone.
  • If you do not plan to use your phone for a while, make sure that the battery is more than 40% charged. Do not let this discharge for a long time!

How to recondition cell phone battery?

If the battery of your phone no longer charges as it should charge or if it fails completely, do not immediately buy a new battery, but first try to repair the battery of your phone yourself . You will find that this is not that difficult and you can save a lot of euros with it.

how to recondition cell phone battery
How to recondition cell phone battery

Often a Lithium Ion battery no longer charges correctly because the voltage of the battery has become so low that the charger no longer ‘recognizes’ this battery and can therefore no longer charge it. You will therefore have to ensure that the voltage of your battery becomes sufficiently high, so that the charger can ‘recognize’ the battery again and can therefore recharge it.


  • An empty Lithium Ion battery
  • A charger for a Lithium battery
  • An external energy source
  • A multimeter
  • Test leads

Practical approach:

  • You connect the empty battery of your phone with another Lithium Ion battery that still works. Choose a battery with the same voltage as the general voltage of your empty battery. Connect the red probe of the test lead to the positive pole of the battery and the energy source and the black probe to the negative pole of the battery and the energy source. If you see a spark, this is normal.
  • Once the battery and the external energy source have been connected, check the voltage of the empty battery with a multimeter. Hold the red probe of the multimeter against the positive pole of the empty battery and the black probe of the multimeter against the negative pole of the empty battery. You will notice that the voltage of the empty battery rises.
  • If the voltage of the empty battery stabilizes, you can disconnect it from the external energy source. It is certainly not the intention that the voltage of the empty battery becomes as high as that of the external energy source. If the voltage is sufficiently high for the charger to ‘recognize’ the battery again, this is more than sufficient.
  • The empty battery, which now has a stable voltage, is placed in the charger. This should now ‘recognize’ the battery and fully charge it.
  • Leave the battery in the charger for at least 10 minutes. If the voltage keeps increasing, then you have succeeded in repairing your telephone battery.

If you follow all the steps in this section about reconditioning cell phone battery, there is a good chance that your battery will work perfectly again. However, as stated earlier, each battery has a limited lifespan and you will not be able to repair your phone’s battery forever. However, all the time you gain from using your old battery will generate a lot of profit and repairing a telephone battery will always pay off.

Learn to recondition cell phone battery yourself

If your telephone battery fails early or does not work properly anymore, you will have to  overhaul  the batteries. You can find out how to tackle this through our  EZ Battery Reconditioning Program . If your bicycle battery or any other battery fails, view this page  and learn step by step how you can easily bring dead batteries back to life.

how to recondition cell phone battery