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How to recondition golf cart batteries?

Do you have your own golf cart that you use for different purposes or are you an avid golfer who regularly visits the golf club, then you probably know that batteries from golf carts are not cheap at all. If these batteries give up, this usually means a big bite out of your own budget or the budget of the local golf club.

However, do not immediately despair if the battery of your golf cart gives up, because in most cases you can easily and properly repair these batteries.

How to keep golf cart batteries properly functioning: Maintenance

Before we start repairing the battery of a golf cart, let us first consider the maintenance of this type of battery. Under the motto prevention is better than cure, we are happy to give you a few tips to keep the battery of your golf cart in top condition.

Golf carts usually use lead acid batteries . After all, only these batteries can provide a sufficient energy flow at a reasonable price to start a golf cart.

We have already seen that lead-acid batteries must remain charged as much as possible. Of course this does not mean that you are not allowed to use it. You only have to pay the necessary attention to fully recharge these batteries as soon as possible after discharge. After all, if you discharge the battery, lead sulphate will remain on the lead plates. If you wait too long to recharge the battery, this lead sulphate will harden and form a crystal layer on the lead plates. This process is called sulphation and prevents the chemical processes from starting to ensure that the battery can supply sufficient energy. End result: your golf cart starts slower or doesn’t start at all.

How to recondition golf cart batteries?

The reconditioning golf cart battery really pays off. The purchase and placement of a new battery in your golf cart (or that of the golf club) is really not a cheap affair. Moreover, this revision process is fairly simple. All you have to do is open the individual cells of the battery and add a chemical solution to the electrolyte fluid. This solution will ensure that the crystallized layer on the lead plates breaks down, so that the chemical processes can start again.

how to recondition golf cart batteries
How to recondition golf cart batteries

The electrolyte fluid of a battery with sulphation is, in principle, very diluted. However, this does not mean that there is no longer sulfuric acid in this liquid. So caution is still required when opening these cells. Even though this liquid is diluted, it can still cause considerable damage to sensitive surfaces and especially to your skin. Protective clothing, gloves and safety glasses are therefore a must when working on the battery of a golf cart.

Step 1: Heat approximately 2 liters of distilled water to just below boiling point and dissolve approximately 250 grams of magnesium sulfate or Epsom salt.

Step 2: Open the cells of the battery of the golf cart and apply this solution in the cells of the battery.

Step 3: Close the cells of the battery and allow this solution to act for approximately 2 hours. This mixture will gradually dissolve the crystallized layer of lead sulfate.

Step 4: You can now fully recharge the battery. To be sure, connect the battery to the charger for at least 12 hours.

Step 5: If your battery is fully charged, then let the battery discharge completely and start the charging process again immediately. After that your battery should be ready for use again.

What if the reconditioning process is not entirely successful?

This reconditioning process works great in most cases. It can of course always happen that you cannot fully charge the battery of your golf cart. A pity, but this is not a disaster. If you find that your battery no longer works as it should, do not throw it away immediately.

After all, such strong batteries can also be used for other applications, such as a battery storage system for solar energy or a spare battery that you can use perfectly when there is no more power supply.

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Reconditioning Golf Cart batteries is not at all as difficult as it would seem at first glance and you can save a lot of money with it.

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how to recondition golf cart batteries