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Do you know how to sing low notes? Do your low notes tend to be thin, or is it difficult for you to sing good and stable low notes?

Would you like to know how to extend your vocal range down?

Then I have 2 tips for you, with which you can do both:

> achieve more voice control in the lower voice register

> Extend your vocal range by 1 or 2 notes

how to sing low notes
How to sing low notes

The chest voice may be underdeveloped – this is a common reason for thin sounds in the depths.

The respiratory balance is not optimally adjusted, which means that the relationship between respiratory pressure and vocal cord resistance is in an imbalance.

It is not uncommon that women with soft, soft voices and a high pitched voice struggle with the low notes.

How do girls sing low notes?

But the good news is you can learn to sing your deep notes fuller. With these 2 exercises and regular training on your part, you are guaranteed to make progress here and will be able to sing low notes.

How to sing low notes?

Problems with low notes? How to extend your vocal range down?

1. Start with light humming exercises

Imagine that you have a candy in your mouth while you are humming. Start in a pleasant voice, so not too low and not too high. Just move the sound slightly, like humming a little tune.

Now go as deep as you can with your voice. Sum up your deepest sound and bring it back up.

Concentrate on your body feeling now. Start again with this summing practice in the middle voice and slowly go very deep.

Do you notice the resonance in your body – how it moves more with the deep tones?

Use the resonance to amplify your low notes:

Imagine your body as a large, round balloon that resonates when you humming deeply. Feel the connection to the earth.

Breathe in well before and try to give your deep tone with the inner image even more fullness and volume. With a little practice you will easily succeed.

2.Go over singing

With the buzzing exercise your voice has warmed up and you have felt the deep resonances. Now start singing.

Take the syllable “you” for that. Sing simple lines in medium pitch and then go slowly down.

As deep as you can. Where is your limit?

If you play the piano or the guitar, find the last note that you can still sing well and make a note of it.

Start again from the middle voice and breathe deeply well before for a secure breathing support.

Now slowly recline your line and give it all the fullness of your humming exercise.

This is heavier than the humming, but with some training you will get more and more security and fullness in the lower notes.

Do both exercises regularly and you will develop better voice control and more abundance in the lower part of your voice. Certainly!

And over time, you may also be able to gain 1 to 2 tones and expand your vocal range.

Check the article Singorama Review to know more about the online singing lessons.

I wish you a lot of fun while learning to sing low notes.


What is the lowest note ever sung?

Tim Storms an American singer and composer holds the Guinness World Records for “lowest note produced by a human” as well as the “widest vocal range”. Tim Storms was born August 28, 1972.

How can I make my voice deeper when singing?

What are the 6 types of voices?

Most vocal ranges are categorized in 6 common voice types: 

Male voice types: Bass, Baritone, Tenor,

Female voice types: Alto, Mezzo-Soprano, and Soprano.

What is the lowest note ever sung by a woman?

A singer named Helen Leahey broke the “Guinness World Record” for the lowest vocal note sung by a female.

It was the musical note D2, and it registered at 72.5 Hertz.

how to sing low notes