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Do you want to recondition lead acid batteries? Then read this article and discover the EZ Battrery Reconditioning review.

Lead acid batteries are found in all kinds of applications and that is not surprising. They are relatively inexpensive batteries that can deliver a large amount of energy during a certain time. The car industry makes a lot of use of these types of batteries, but they are also found in alternative energy storage systems and are often used as a spare battery in places where a constant power supply is required. Two negative points of lead-acid batteries are that they are quite heavy and that their lifespan, compared to other batteries, is rather short.

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The Best Reconditioning Method For Lead Acid Batteries
The Best Reconditioning Method For Lead Acid Batteries

Three main reasons why lead acid batteries can give up:

  • Corrosion
  • Internal short circuit
  • Sulfatatie

If you notice that your lead-acid battery is no longer performing as well or has completely given up on it at some point, then accuracy can help your battery. It is highly likely that your battery will no longer function after an overhaul like when it was brand new, but you will certainly be able to rely on it for a while. In addition, lead-acid batteries can be used for many applications. If, after the overhaul, your car battery can no longer be used to start your car, it can, for example, serve perfectly in an alternative energy storage system.

The general principle of sulfation

When a lead-acid battery is discharged, the lead oxide and the sulfuric acid in the battery are converted into lead sulphate that sticks to the lead plates. If the battery is recharged again, this lead sulfate dissolves in lead, lead oxide and sulfuric acid.

However, if this lead sulfate remains stuck on the lead plates for a long time (in other words: if the battery is not charged for a long time), then this lead sulfate will harden or crystallize and can no longer be dissolved when the battery is charged. The result of this is that the battery can no longer provide energy to, for example, start a car.

What does the revision of a lead-acid battery entail?

During the overhaul of a lead-acid battery, this hard crystallized layer of lead sulfate is broken down, so that the battery can provide energy again. There are various methods for this.

Applying a solution of Epsom salt to the cells of the battery is one of the most efficient ways to break down the lead sulfate. After this, the battery must be recharged in 2 steps.

With a first charge, the battery is charged at a low, but constant voltage, up to about 70% of its full capacity. The second charging takes place at an even lower voltage, whereby the battery is fully charged again for the remaining 30%.

Each step of the charging process can take around 7 to 10 hours.

Remember that when charging a lead-acid battery, both charging cycles must be carried out.

If you only stick to the first charge, the battery will never reach its original capacity. The second charge (at a much lower voltage) ensures that the battery can reach its peak capacity in a very accurate way. It is important to maintain a constant temperature of around 30 ° C throughout this revision process.

If you do not plan to use your lead-acid battery for a while, store it fully charged. Also check the battery voltage occasionally. If this voltage remains constant, then you can be sure that your battery will function optimally when reused.

This strange method brings almost every lead-acid battery back to life

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The Best Reconditioning Method For Lead Acid Batteries