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Vert shock review – best vertical jump training program  to increase vertical jump.

Nowadays one of the most common thing among all the new basket ball players that all want to jump high.

And guess what?

They all want to cross the limit by increasing their vertical jump height. They are looking for suggestions, tips about how to increase their vertical jump height. That’s why I am writing this review article on the best vertical jump program.

Definitely you need to do regular exercises to increase vertical height, but you really need to do it in a proper way following a good training program.

Do the Vert Shock Workouts – See the Vert Shock Results yourself

I am sure you already did some googling and came to know about Vert Shock Program. And probably confused about all the reviews whether they are fake or not.

May be thinking will it really work…

Vert shock program course overview

After receiving similar queries from so many people about vert shock program and they all asked for an honest review. And I am also interested to know is it a over rated program or not.

Here is an in depth review of vert shock vertical jump training program.

Before reviewing the program lets know who is behind the program!

Vert Shock is a new training program of developing increasing vertical jump height by Adam Folker and Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington.

Adam Folker is the main man and developer behind the program.

Justin is a professional dunker and has created some paid bonus materials for the Vert Shock program.

Vert shock review : Is Vert Shock LEGIT? The truth about this program [Non-Biased]

Do you know Adam Folker?

Adam Folker was a basket ball player at UC Irvine and is a native Canadian. Adam Folker was a pretty good player. After watching his playing you will be sure that he knows about how to dunk.

Why Adam included Justin in the program?

Justin is one of the best badass dunker in the world. Adam added him in the program to give his students more benefits. You are getting Justin’s Jump Like Justin System as a exclusive bonus.

Is Vert Shock program user friendly or not?

There are many programs online, many reviews regarding high jump training. Even I personally checked couple of those. Vert Shock is so far the best and more effective program I am reviewing designed and developed by two professionals.

Go ahead, download and exercise this program to increase your vertical jump height and get amazed.

The interface is simple and easy to follow. Adam also explains the purpose of the lesson in each section along with the video. Videos are high quality.

Vert shock review – the program

Inside the program:

Weight room is not a requirement. You can exercise to increase vertical at home! Surprised? Yes, I am too!

Vert Shock includes:

  1. Tuck Jumps
  2. Single Leg Box Jumps
  3. Clap Pushups
  4. Supermans
  5. 180 Squat Jumps

Vert Shock Program Layout:

After downloading Vert Shock Program, the first thing you should do is to check the overview and be sure to check the How to Read Workouts, Quick Start section.

And then finally the Exercise Video sections.

The overview and how to sections will help you to start with the program properly. You should watch the videos and listen the instructions with great attention! The program will also give you some diet tips that will help you to keep your body fit to perform the exercise properly.

Though to follow the diet tips are easy but people sometimes avoid it. My personal experience say that proper nutrition is essential for performing every physical tasks. Please don’t ignore it.

Vert Shock Phase Review

As you go through the program will you notice that entire program is divided into three different phases

  1. Pre Shock Phase
  2. Shock Phase
  3. Post Shock Phase

Vert shock workouts

Each phase is important to increase your ability and has a specific purpose. But you have learn step by step otherwise it might cause over training injury. Please be aware of it.

Pre Shock Phase:

One week phase to get your muscles prepare for the next couple of weeks! But surprisingly you will start seeing results. You will achieve vertical gains of up to three inches.

Shock Phase:

The main 6 weeks long phase. The most important and effective phase of the total vert shock program we are reviewing.

Exercise 4 to 5 days in each week of this phase and the rest of the days are for rest and recovery.

This phase is designed in such a way that will strengthen your fast twitch muscle fibers. to help you to make longer vertical jump.

To get proper benefit you have to follow every rules and give 100% effort during exercise. Also need to follow resting guideline.

You need to do the vert shock workouts as advised in the program to get vert shock results and to take your vertical jump to new levels.

Post Shock Phase:

The final week of the program is the post shock phase. The Post-Shock phase is designed to protect your gains! No additional gain in this week. Just to protect and allow your muscles to begin the recovery process after working hard for 6 weeks in the Shock Phase.

If you done everything as described and instructed by Adam, you should be happy to see the vertical gain you achieved.


Maintenance or the lock phase. After all the hard work in done and you increased your vertical jump its equally imported not to lose what you have built up from hard work and dedication.

Regular exercise to do once in a week that includes three different maintenance workouts to alternate.

The vert shock program will cost only $67 without any extra. Its quite reasonable compared with the value you are getting. 50% discount offer is running plus lots of bonus.

Vert shock results

Is vert shock program a scam? Does vert shock work actually?

The first question or may be the last question that came to your mind before making the order!

I can assure you it’s not a scam. Definitely you won’t see the vert shock results overnight! It’s a six weeks program. And you need to work on it and follow the steps properly to get the vert shock results.

vert shock review
Every inch counts

It takes time to increase the vertical jump height but it works as long as you follow it properly.

The vert shock program claims that using vert shock program you will increase your vertical jump height ranges from 9 to 15 inches. While certainly it is possible to increase your jump height from 9 to15 inches, there are some other factors behind it.

Two of them are already suggested in the program and they are Diet and Training.

The third factor is the genetics which is really not at your hand. Some people genetically gain long jumping height and they need not any or much training. On the other site there are many people in our living word who can’t jump high.

For another example I can run only 70 miles in a week so I would never become an elite marathoner. If I try much to push my limits I might get injured.

The same thing applies for vertical jump. Therefore if anyone find himself that his ability on jumping is too much poor then it will not be too much effective for him. Obviously there are exceptions.

That’s why before joining the training program you have to judge yourself  and decide whether you are perfect for it or not. If you are fit, this program is for you. Go and order.

If you go through the program properly, surely you will be able to increase your jumping height. If you don’t see good results initially don’t get disappointed, keep practicing with patience.

Again, from my point of view this program is really helpful for increasing jumping height but you must have to follow the diet & exercise properly.

Advantage of vert shock program:

  1. The main advantage of vert shock program is it is easy to follow.
  2. The total set up for the exercise can be done at home with minimal gym equipment required.
  3. The videos are high quality HD videos. You can watch every movement properly & exercise it without the help of any other person.
  4. Some exercises included in the program are essential for building your functional strength.
  5. An online program, easy for anyone to purchase.

My recommendation:

I am sure after reading my vert shock review article you now have enough knowledge about the program and can decide whether you want it or not.

If you really eager to jump high, its not worth to give a try. The program is user friendly and proven to gain vertical jump height.

I also want to mention if you are 30+ this might not work for you. Sorry.

I hope you will be benefited from my honest vert shock review and  will take right decision to increase your jumping height.

Practical Vert Shock Review

More in depth review on Vert Shock Program that will make you believe WHY and HOW it will actually work. Check the videos below.

Not everyone is endowed with the natural ability to jump high. However, with the proper training and muscle strengthening exercises, you can add inches to your vertical jump. Whether you are looking for a basketball ball, a volleyball boost or just reaching the top shelf in the supermarket, a strong vertical jump is the key to success. Improve your vertical jump in just a few weeks.

Around the Square

A vertical jump is generally defined as the ability of a person to raise their center of mass above the ground when jumping. Vertical jump is traditionally measured per foot next to a wall and jump as high as possible, touching the wall with your hand at the highest point. That point is then compared to the highest point of the bridge you can touch from a standstill, and the difference is your vertical jump. Vertical jumping is an important skill in sports such as basketball and soccer, and can often be increased by an inch or more with proper weight training, fitness and health habits.

Tuck Jumps

Lunge Jumps


Squats require the strength of the quadriceps, as well as strengthening the tendons, which are useful in the development of jumping skills.

Perform squats, both in a broad posture and a more traditional wide shoulder posture. Build the endurance and speed associated with the ability to jump by doing many repetitions of Hindu squats and body weight squats. Squats and cleans forward can also increase the explosive strength of the legs.

Make squats jump with weight when performing the initial movement and then squatting, as the movement moves towards the movement, the earth explodes while drawing the legs near the torso.

Secrets behind the success of Vert Shock program

The increase in how high they can jump is important in many sports, not just basketball or athletics. Plyometric exercises, which focus on the construction of explosive power, are recommended by most trainers, but improving their jumping ability is much more than simply leg strength. You can improve quickly by diversifying your training efforts; In this way, you can focus on something more than your lower body strength.

Warming up

An adequate warm-up routine is vital to make any kind of physical improvement. If you put too much emphasis on the “cold” muscles, you may end up forcing and breaking those same muscles. Instead, start with a couple of minutes of walking; Next, do a couple of minutes of general stretching that focus on the hamstrings, hip joints and knees; and then spend another couple of minutes of jogging, broken with short runs of 5 to 10 seconds at medium speed. Only a simple warm-up like this can help prevent injuries.


Imagine how the movements you want to learn actually feel when you perform them. For example, “feel” the accumulation of tension in the legs and hips as you duck, and then explode as you jump as high as possible. By visualizing the movements that you intend to do before you really do them, you can improve your mind and the body’s ability to perform them more smoothly. Think of it as “programming” your muscles for success. Best of all, you can visualize between practice sessions and still get benefits from it.

Remember that pimples

When strengthening your lower body through exercises such as jumping squats, throw yourself forward, and lift your feet, it’s very easy to forget your anterior tibial — your shin muscles. These muscles balance your calves, just like your triceps and compensate for your biceps. To increase your calf strength, confirm your pimples or automatically place limits on your lower leg development. A simple exercise is to walk over the heels, not letting the tips of the feet touch the ground, until a good burn is felt on the front of your shins.

Strengthen your entire body

The jump requires more than your leg muscles. Your upper body helps add momentum to your jumps, and the muscles of the torso provide the link that allows the two to multiply their effort. You will move much faster if you do some exercises for the whole body and not just the legs. Weightlifting exercises such as squats and the “clean press and” (where a bar is lifted from the ground to the independence of companies above the head), and abdominal exercises performed on a dive shelf, are good exercises full body. They do no more than two or three times a week.

Add speed job

The explosive power you need to jump higher is not just about force. You must release that power quickly to get more height. Exercises that increase your speed will also benefit your vertical jump. Skipping the rope and mixing some races in your training can help the muscles learn to react more quickly.

Vary your workouts

If you do the same training each session, your body will gradually adapt to the demands of that session and your improvement will stabilize. Mixing their routines — performing different combinations of exercises, varying the number of exercises and series to perform, and changing the relationship between resistance to speed from one workout to the next — will “keep your body guessing,” and Each workout will provide a good training effect.

Vert Shock is designed keeping all this in mind and even easy day workout starts with a Dynamic Worm up session.

How to increase flexibility for a vertical jump

If you want to increase your vertical jump in order to hit a basketball or just as a personal mission, flexibility is a key component. According to coach Alan Stein, in an interview with ESPN Rise, it is necessary to increase the flexibility of your Achilles tendon, calves, hamstrings and hip flexors to help increase your energy-producing potential. The higher the engine power, the greater its ability to jump. The incorporation of stretching exercises in your training routine will increase your flexibility and, in turn, your vertical jump.

As you progress each week following Vert Shock program, you will feel the flexibility.

Increase vertical jump naturally

Whether you are a high school athlete, a college athlete or just a rec-league basketball player, increasing your vertical jump can make all the difference in your performance on the court or field. The addition of 10 inches to your jump can mean the difference between grazing the edge and surprising your opponent with an electrifying dump. While many athletes are blessed with natural jumping ability, there are ways to develop their vertical jump.

A higher vertical jump will help you in various activities, such as basketball, martial arts, gymnastics, skateboarding and cheerleading. Increasing your vertical jump power naturally requires a set of exercises that will increase your explosiveness and muscular power. You must commit to these exercises on a regular basis to get results.

Many athletes could improve their game by increasing their vertical jump. A vertical jump, simply speaking, is a measure of how much force can be applied and how quickly they can be generated. To increase your vertical jump by one foot or more, you must train your body to apply maximum force to maximum speed. Following a handful of simple training steps, any athlete can improve their vertical jump height and will be slam-dunking in no time.

One way to measure your general fitness is by measuring the distance that you can jump vertically. Even if you have no need to jump vertically, it is a good way to measure your resistance since the ability to jump vertically comes from a combination of strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Basically, the higher you can jump vertically, the better overall physical form you are. The bad news is that the big increases take time. However, you can make small increases in the short term, which accumulate in the long term, as long as you stick with your exercise program.

Increasing your vertical jump by an amount as significant as 40 inches requires a lot of work, dedication, athletic ability and some genetic luck. However, you can increase your vertical jump significantly by participating in workouts that will be based on the explosive power that jumps, the practice of cardio-vascular exercise and that you have the right diet.

Simple ways to increase your vertical jump

Increasing your vertical jump can be of great benefit if you participate in sports, such as basketball or volleyball, in which you make a lot of jumps. Being able to jump out of your opponent can help you excel during the competition. There are several different things that you can do that will help you increase your vertical jump.


Part of being able to jump high comes from having strong quadriceps muscles in the legs. These are the muscles in the front of the thighs. One of the most effective ways to strengthen the quadriceps is to squat with the weight. You can use a bar resting on your shoulders or weights, held in your hand for this exercise. Start by placing the weight bar on your shoulders or holding weights in your hands. Slowly bend your knees and, at the same time, keep your back straight. It should look a bit as if you were sitting in a chair. At the bottom of the movement, the legs should be close to parallel with the ground. Pause at the bottom and slowly lift back on foot. This is a very simple exercise once you learn the movement. Nevertheless, Be sure to perform correctly, as it is easy to get hurt. If you experience pain while using weight, then just use your body weight. Repeat 12 to 15 times for three sets.

Jump squats

Jumping is an explosive movement. You need to train your muscles to shoot quickly. A simple exercise to achieve this is the squat jump position. Perform a squatting position, as in the previous advice, but without weight. When you reach the bottom, explode up as high as you can. As soon as the earth, repeat squat down. Do this at least 15 times in a row of a set. Rest, then repeat three times.

Calf Increases

By jumping several times quickly, as if you are jumping for a bounce that bounces several times, you are using your calf muscles, much more than the quadriceps. You want to strengthen these calf muscles just as you wish to strengthen the quadriceps. Squats will help strengthen your calves somewhat, but to really strengthen you should guide this muscle group. This can simply be done with the calf or toe, lift. Holding the weight in your hands, place both feet on a step with your heels hanging over the edge so just your toes are on the step. Lift up and down 20 to 25 times for three sets. This movement will be more effective if you do it slowly.

Jump rope

Skipping the rope is an excellent way to train the calf muscles to react quickly. Prepare to spend at least 20 minutes skipping the rope for maximum efficiency. You may want to have music or a TV to see how you can get a bit bored, just jumping up and down for 20 minutes or more.

Jumping shoes

Jumping shoes have become a popular and effective way in recent years to increase your vertical jump. The shoes look a bit like a clown something I would wear, but basically they are a traditional shoe with a platform on the front of the shoe that leaves the heel hanging in the air. This helps strengthen your calves, quadriceps and hamstrings and improve your vertical movement while you are simply walking or running.


The increase in vertical jump is important to excel or gain a competitive advantage in many sports and other sports. The development of the ability to jump higher can be perceived as a difficult task. However, they are not simple, easy to perform exercises can incorporate into a daily routine to increase vertical jump over time. While the calves and thighs work together in any vertical jump, they perform different functions in the jump, and can be easily formed separately for maximum effect.