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What is a lead acid battery: questions and answers

Most of you probably know that cars, among other things, use lead-acid batteries and that ensures the car’s engine to work. What most of you know is that a lead-acid battery doesn’t last forever and having a new battery installed in your car is not cheap.

But, what are the types of lead acid batteries? What does a lead acid battery consist of? How exactly does a lead acid battery work? And how come a lead-acid battery fails after a while? Can you get your lead battery working again?

What Is A Lead Acid Battery
What Is A Lead Acid Battery?

All very interesting questions and we are giving you an interesting answer to all this in this article “What Is A Lead Acid Battery”!

What types of lead acid batteries are there?

  • Starter Batteries

The lead-acid batteries that we find in cars are starter batteries. These provide a large amount of power for a few seconds, so that the car starts. After delivering this current, a starter battery recharges because the car is being driven. If starter batteries discharge too much (up to 20%), they will no longer work. It is precisely for this reason that for cars that are stationary for a long time or for cars that often drive short distances, the battery fails.

  • Semi traction batteries

These types of lead-acid batteries provide a lower current than starter batteries, but can be discharged deeper. The maximum percentage that a semi-traction battery can be discharged is 50%. These types of batteries are often used in generators for power supplies.

  • Full traction batteries

Full traction batteries can be found in forklifts or large agricultural machines, for example. These are very expensive, but also very powerful batteries that can be discharged up to a percentage of up to 80%.

What components does a lead-acid battery consist of?

As an example, let’s take a 12-volt lead-acid battery.

Inside the housing of a 12-volt battery are 6 positive and negative lead plates that are interconnected. The voltage of such a lead plate is 2 volts. These plates are contained in a solution of diluted sulfuric acid, the electrolyte fluid. Separators are also located between the different lead plates to prevent short circuits.

How does a lead acid battery work?

If a battery is discharged, the sulfuric acid is withdrawn from the electrolyte by the positive plate. This reduces the acid content in the battery. During the discharging process, a small layer of sulphate forms on the plates. During charging of the battery, the sulfuric acid is released from the plates and the acid content of the battery increases again. These processes ensure an electrical charge, so your car will start when you activate the battery.

Why does a lead-acid battery fail after a while?

A battery doesn’t last forever, that’s just the way it is. Yet you can ensure that your battery lasts as long as possible. Good maintenance is very important here, but the way you handle your battery can also extend the life of your battery.

Most batteries give up prematurely due to sulphation. This is a process in which crystals form on the lead plates of a battery. The reason for this is that the battery is not immediately recharged after it has been discharged. If your battery has been half charged or deep discharged for a long time, the lead sulfate will harden and this will form a crystallized layer on the plates over time. That is why it is so important to drive your car regularly and to cover long distances, so that the lead sulphate on the lead plates does not get the chance to crystallize. Discover here how you can charge your lead-acid battery in 10 steps.

Can you get your lead acid battery working again?

Yes, that is perfect and you can even do this in 3 different ways.

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We hope that you have learned about batteries with this article about ‘What is a lead-acid battery? We have deliberately chosen not to go too far into technical details, but to explain in a simple way what a lead-acid battery exactly is and how it works.

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What Is A Lead Acid Battery