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Have you always dreamed of flying around the world with a piano like Vanessa Carlton or playing the most beautiful pieces from the fabulous Amélie world at Montparnasse station?

But you have never taken the first step or just do not know how to do it?

If you’re reading this article, you may have some last doubts and you just do not know how to get rid of them.

Alone learn to play the piano with tutorials ? Take lessons in a music school ?

Or Hire a Private Teacher to Receive Private Piano Private Lessons ? With so many different ways to learn piano, it’s not always easy to make a decision.

Let’s take a look at the benefits and positive aspects of piano lessons together!

Why should you learn to play piano?

If you are one of those who say that piano lessons are dead boring and it would be better to watch the last episode of Stranger Things than to repeat the arpeggio with your teacher, then you are not aware of all the positive effects of playing the piano .

The piano has a positive effect on the intellectual and social skills of children.

This string instrument has long been known for its many positive effects on the brain .

Whether you are simply looking forward to it, or wanting to improve your creativity, the piano will live up to your expectations and even surprise you.

The advantages exceed the individual personal aspects . Playing the piano will enrich your social life.

Whether you take private lessons with a private teacher or lessons in a group, at some point you will not be able to avoid the eyes of others.

Even though it can be frightening in the first place, you will learn to express yourself in public, to listen to others and to receive and give constructive criticism.

And no one will look at you obliquely if you use your instrument to seduce the mysterious stranger who just moved in next door.

Now all you have to do is play your most beautiful tunes and leave the window open. The magic of the music will take care of the rest.

The guitar is not the only instrument with a seduction factor …

And do not forget that you can play any kind of music on this very seemingly classical instrument .

Chopin or Keane, Gainsbourg or Knef, Stevie Wonder or Adele, you choose your style yourself. And who knows, maybe you even found your own band?

These lessons for life are taught by your piano teacher

Now that you have been convinced of the positive effects of playing the piano on your personal as well as social life, you will surely ask yourself why you should definitely hire a private teacher .

After all, we live in a society where almost every knowledge can be obtained for free on the internet, as well as piano learning online ?!

A human presence brings you much more than techniques learned on the internet.

The pedagogy is essential and if you have a good relationship, your piano teacher will teach you real life lessons . No piano tutorial can keep up.

He will help you to work on yourself and your behavior .

You can not learn the solfeggio and the different scales in a week. Your teacher will support you and respect your own rhythm. Patience and perseverance will become your new best friends.

Keeping up with the fundamentals of the piano can also be exhausting, especially if you do badly. Bad habits are hard to get rid of and competent help can only be an advantage.

The teacher not only gives you good advice to make faster progress. He can also help you to identify your mistakes. With its help you can analyze your weaknesses more precisely and develop yourself better. This ability will be useful to you for a lifetime.

Your teacher is also a prop and mentor. You do not climb Everest without having someone by your side, especially if you are a beginner.

The piano is no different.

Many lose the belief that one day they will be able to master this difficult instrument. This is like other challenging life projects.

A teacher at your side plays a key role in maintaining the necessary motivation and power!

Scientific reasons for playing the piano

The arts and sciences are not as far apart as one sometimes believes.

Many researchers are interested in the question of the effects of music making on the body.

It has been scientifically proven that playing a piano can have a positive effect on your health .

The  memory is stimulated by the many memorizing the chords and pieces, and the coordination and fine motor skills improved.

The scientific findings go even further. Some researchers have also been interested in the positive effects of music in general on sleep .

A little lullaby before going to bed?

Scientists assert that gentle music helps the brain to sometimes need sorrow . The brain focuses on the music, forgetting all the worries of everyday life. Sleepless nights Ade!

The therapeutic handling of music is becoming more and more common in art therapy. In many hospitals, patients are now increasingly sprinkled with soothing sounds.

Due to the analgesic effect of music , it can be used for physical pain. This process has not been definitively proven, but doctors already have an explanation.

” Music creates strong emotions that lead to the release of dopamine and endorphin, ” says Eckart Altenmüller, director of the Institute for Music Physiology and Music Medicine IMMM in Hannover in FOCUS magazine.

Music also has a definite effect on our memory.

Thus, people who are affected by dementia or Alzheimer’s and often no longer recognize their neighbors, often still able to faultlessly play complex music pieces from their younger days.

The different goals of piano lessons

Anyone who plays the piano for a lifetime does not set itself the same goals as someone who only tries for a year.

Of course, the primary goal of your teacher is for all of his students to improve . Nevertheless, he will not have the same approach for every student.

Some students want to memorize the entire Chopin repertoire, while others only want to learn the most important chords , and then go back to their own musical paths.

Anyway, whether you are in your living room or in the conservatory, your teacher is here to help you. His goal is to get to know you better, to understand what you want to achieve.

He will also discover your weaknesses and strengths , and so adapt his teaching strategies to you to make more progress.

And the work of your piano teacher is not limited to practical aspects. The music culture is just as important as the playing technique.

Thanks to this culture, you can find sources of inspiration for your personal pieces.

It is the job of the professor to bring you closer to this culture, of course you would not do that. Your teacher will also help you to set your learning goals for piano lessons .

For Elise, the Bach Prelude, the Turkish March … You will soon be discovering the secrets of classical pieces and composers like Mozart!

How much does piano lessons cost?

It is so far, you are convinced, piano lessons are something for you. Tomorrow you will buy your first piano.

But you have to first find the lesson that fits your expectations and has the best value for money.

What suits you better: the conservatory or private lessons?

The Conservatory we recommend only the most motivated . The piano students enter here for at least a year or more, many conservatories offer 4-year cycles.

The taught style is often classic and other lessons such as music theory and learning piano (also: solfeggio) are compulsory. If you like jazz or current music, maybe you should look for something else.

But conservatories also stand for quality. They are the next generation of professional musicians.

If you do not want to be the next Bach or Beethoven, and one day just want to give a little concert from time to time, then piano lessons with a private teacher are just the thing for you.

The prices for piano lessons depend on the tutor, the city, but also on your level.

An older teacher with many years of experience will demand more than a young student. If you are just going your first steps, the latter will be sufficient.

With Superprof the private lessons for piano cost on average 26 €. Prices vary from city to city, with larger cities often offering more expensive deals.

You can now choose which lessons fit your needs.

How do you find the best possible piano teacher?

You are looking for the best piano teacher for your child?

Your closest ally is your intuition. It’s more valuable than any information on a resume.

Most parents think of a teacher for their children with the following profile:

A teacher who is patient, competent, not too old, but not too young, who loves to teach classical music as well as jazz and pop. He playfully integrates new technologies and is familiar with current pedagogical approaches. He is also a professional and brilliant concert musician.

To be perfectly clear, there is no such perfect teacher. So you have to compromise.

Look for simple but telling clues when searching for the perfect piano teacher :

  • A good first contact
  • A passion for the subject
  • punctuality
  • Sense of humor and self-criticism

Above all humor is indispensable for children. Your child learns faster if it can laugh at it. And even the joy of your sprout will bring a smile to your lips.