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BTV Solo: Looking for a music program that allows you to create your own music? Read this first!

There are many music programs on the market today, but only a few are really good.

Here are our experiences of music programs, and we recommend one special music program, BTV Solo that has earned a special place in the careers of many artists around the world.

Best Music Program – BTV Solo

What is a Music Program? A music program runs on a computer (usually a PC or Mac) and allows you to create your own beats, songs / songs, jingles and music for movies and commercials. In other words, it can be used to make everything from music. You can even use it to create sound effects!

btv solo
BTV Solo

Now you can create your own songs: Compose your own music and create professional songs that you can post on the internet and make money from. Make your own music with this program .

Why are most music programs so expensive? You may have been recommended some music programs already. What many don’t tell you is why these programs are so expensive: Most music programs cost a lot of money because the music industry is so demanding when it comes to integration. The music programs should be able to integrate with all kinds of equipment, but unless you own a recording studio worth millions of dollars you will never in the world need the most expensive programs.

We’ve researched the market and come up with a recommended program that all composers, artists and musicians should generally try, because these are real fun things and take your creativity to new heights.

BTV Solo – Best music production software

We recommend using this music program . BTV Solo is a perfect program where you can create your own music.

BTV Solo is a program that in turn allows you to concentrate on making good music. Forget other programs where you have to spend far too much time doing everything that has nothing to do with music, such as going into the program to adjust settings, download and add program features, and more.

The music program we recommend can do everything right out of the box, and it’s easy to operate. The most important thing, though, is that the final result will be good, and it will be when the software helps you get the best sound quality while putting you in creative mode by making it so simple and effective to use.

BTV Solo works on both PC and Mac, laptops and desktops. Here you get a lot for your money. It is about as good as programs that cost from 30,000 onwards. The only difference is that it does not have the same integration option for advanced mixing tables (but unless you own a record studio with mixer tables and million-class equipment, this will not be missed).

Choosing a music program

Many programs used for music production are often difficult for beginners to use. Most good music programs cost from 30,000 onwards.

There are a lot of inexpensive audio programs and music programs, but 99% of the programs you get for a few hundred copies are useless to create something of quality.

The exception is the music program mentioned. BTV Solo is one of the few music programs you can buy at a reasonable price, and does exactly what such programs were meant to do, namely to make it fast and easy to create songs, beats, melodies and most of the music.

BTV Solo music program has a 16-track sequencer, 4-octave keyboard, 10 drum kit machines, and many kits containing music, effects, loops, musical instruments, and other things of interest to you who want to make your own music.

The music program in question is, in our opinion, the very best music program on the market today. Many have gone to school and paid thousands in tuition to learn how to use music programs. That was before the aforementioned music program came on the market. With BTV Solo it has become user friendly and easy to make music.

This is how it should always be. Prior to this program, the biggest challenge was to learn the technicalities of using a music program. Well, it is only the creativity that stands out. If you have an ear for good music, then you will be able to make really good music with this music program.

The music program we mentioned has a better quality of sound than most programs can provide and the price is much lower than its competitors.

An easy to use music program

Those who have worked as a music producer may have worked on making everything from jingles, advertising music, or been a music producer for other artists. Some use large ones that cost several million NOK. What many are not aware of is that you can get an almost approximate sound quality if you use a good music program.

When you create a music file with the music program mentioned initially, the end result is very good in terms of quality.

Other programs give you a compressed audio file that is nothing like the original production, but the music program gives you a professional soundtrack that you can export to any audio format you want.

Even with the most expensive music programs, the end result is often useless in a professional context, because finding out how to export the audio file is so demanding. This is completely behind target, and apart from the music program we mentioned, the people who make these programs do not seem to understand how important sound quality is.

Importing soundtracks and music is also an important part of a music program. You may want the opportunity to add your own voice, sing, play with your own musical instruments to your songs, or add sound effects. With BTV Solo music program, it is easy to import new audio tracks. The user interface is simple and easy to use, the keyboard shortcuts we often use in the program, they make it incredibly efficient to create new music.

With the music program we have mentioned, you can drag or copy with ease, and you can edit the music, audio files and loops directly in the audio program. You do not even need to purchase any extra equipment such as a sound card or MIDI keyboard, which is an option for the more expensive music programs.

A music program for all genres

The aforementioned music program is unique as it can be used for absolutely all music. Whether you like opera, heavy metal, trance or singing, or want to make movie or commercial music, DubTubro is superior to any other music program.

There is no other software for creating your own music and beats that have so many uses and which are at the same time so easy to use. In addition, it is incredibly easy to use.

Try what you can do with the music program

We have been using the music program for many years, and here are some suggestions on what to do with the music program:

  1. Make your own music for a party. Compose some cool beats that you play at a party! It can be really fun for both you and the others at the party.
  2. Submit music to the radio and let others hear your own music! For someone who enjoys making their own music, there are few things that are as cool as hearing their own music on the radio!
  3. Create promotional music! Here you can actually make money , we did. You can submit samples to advertising agencies and if it is good it is unlikely that you will be given small or bigger assignments in making advertising music. Fun, entertaining, and not least well paid!
  4. Post your music on YouTube and Facebook. By the way, BTV Solo is extremely easy with the music program. If you manage to attach an attachment to an email, you will be able to create music with the music program and post it on social networks. It’s that simple …
  5. Experiment with music. Nothing is as fun as experimenting with music and making new music. One of the things we have used most often is to experiment with making our own music. BTV Solor music program is easy to use, in such a way that the functionality does not get in the way of your creativity, but rather helps you to fully develop as a musician.

BTV Solo – Best beat making software

In short, the music program is the best you will ever try to make your own music with a computer, tablet or mobile phone, and costs no more than a cheap dinner or a few soft drinks. Unlike dinner or soft drinks, BTV Solo is something you can enjoy for many years.

Most people who buy BTV Solo program will be pleasantly surprised.

They also have a guarantee with the promise of money back, so you are free to test out the program for two months. They are so confident that users like this program.

Our recommendation: this is nothing to doubt, choose only one music program, it is this music program that is best in test .