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Again and again there are gifted children, who should start early with a vocal training in order to get the most out of their talent. In this context, the question arises again and again how much are singing lessons. What is the cost? This article will help you to get detailed information about the topic.

When should the singing lessons be started?

Many parents discover the talent of their children later and then wonder if it is not too late for a professional singing education. This is rather not true, since small children should not normally be given lessons. This is because the body of young children is still growing. This entails that the voice will always change differently as we grow older, as we grow.

how much are singing lessons
How much are singing lessons

It would therefore be best to start with a professional singing education only at the age of 14 years. From this age, the voice consolidates. Because of this, this time of life is particularly well suited to begin with the singing lessons.

Even if the whole thing sounds a bit cliché, you are never too old to learn singing or to learn to sing properly. Finally, people are not told that they are too old to learn a skill or a language. In this context, the British singer Susan Boyle can be used. She was 47 years old when she became famous.

How much is the singing lessons?

The cost of singing lessons is very different and depends on a few factors. On average, however, costs of about 30 or 70 dollar per hour can be expected. Basically, however, the costs depend on the duration of the lessons and the demand for vocal teachers in the region and the additional qualifications of the vocal teacher. So it can happen that you have to pay more for a local or famous teacher.

However, most teachers offer the possibility to take longer or shorter singing sessions or even resort to a block booking. The block booking usually brings a nice discount. It is also possible to think about a group lesson in which the costs are kept to a minimum.

It is therefore very important to talk extensively with the teacher in advance before booking.

Can singing be learned?

It is important to know that anyone with some determination can learn to sing. However, a suitable education as well as a good teacher should not be missing. The retraining of the body takes a lot of time and work. Because of this, it is also very important to proceed slowly. It is essential to be satisfied with every little improvement. In addition, it is important to be realistic. Anyone who does a vocal education will improve a lot, but it is very unrealistic that everyone can become as good as the famous pop stars. This requires a lot of talent. Many people bring with them skills that attract attention from the ground up. But these people also need professional singing lessons,

How many singing lessons are needed?

How many vocal lessons are required for a professional education depends on the following factors:

  • Duration for learning the technique
  • Duration for getting to know the voice
  • desired goals
  • already existing experience

If you are a beginner you will already notice a huge improvement after five to ten lessons. Anyone who really wants to take professional singing lessons should attend classes at least once or twice a week to improve their voice skills. All those who already have experience with singing lessons will notice the first improvements after only three to six hours. Apart from that, every person is individual. This means that everyone also needs an individual period of time before he can improve himself. It is important not to put yourself under pressure because you need longer to make improvements.

What’s the difference between a voice trainer and a singing teacher?

The difference between a vocal teacher and a voice coach can not be clearly defined. Singing teachers focus on the technical aspects. This means that the interested party will be shown how the vocal endurance can be improved, which vocal exercises can be used and how the technique could better work for oneself.

A vocal trainer, on the other hand, focuses more on the part of the vocals that has to do with the performance. Depending on the genre, it tries to find the best version of the voice. Vocal trainers are also there to adapt to different styles of music, to phrasing with the victims, to play or to memorize texts.

Is a teacher of the same sex preferable?

Although men and women have different vocal ranges and tones, they also share many of the same vocal techniques, such as phonetics, acoustics, and respiratory management. Each gender has its own specific challenges. Nevertheless, a good singing teacher should have a broad knowledge of different training exercises that can be used by both sexes. At the same time, the right teachers should also be experienced enough to use the best vocal techniques. It can thus be recognized that technically speaking, no teacher of the same sex is needed so that the singing skills can be optimally promoted.

What should I do if my voice got hurt?

Normally, the violation of the voice affects rather less experienced singers. But it can also meet professionals.

It is important to be able to properly handle the throat and vocal cords so that a hoarse voice can be avoided. In addition, a warm-up must take place before the actual song is started. For this you should definitely take a few deep breaths. Then take a few lines, which you just buzz. The songs, which are hummed, should partly deep and sometimes high ends. This causes the vocal muscles to be strained evenly. These exercises can be very good at preventing cracking or pulling injuries.

Are you already suffering from a hoarse voice?

The following tips should then help you:

  • It should be avoided at all costs to talk a lot.
  • It should be drunk a lot, especially water.
  • No alcohol, tea or coffee should be drunk as these drinks cause dehydration.
  • Smoky and dusty places should be avoided. Likewise should not be smoked.
  • Cough syrup should be used to relieve the sore throat.
  • It should be eaten a lot of vegetables and a lot of fruit. Alternatively, vitamin C tablets can also be used here.
  • Hot steam should be inhaled or gargled with salt water.
  • It is important not to rush. It may take up to two weeks for a hoarse voice to heal.


Now you know a lot about the singing lessons and how you should work best. Your singing career is therefore nothing in the way!

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How much does a singing lessons cost?

Voice lessons are expensive. And usually cost from $30-$70 per hour. Varies a bit based on area. However, professional instructors may charge you double or even more, depending on their reputation and expertise. So, it’s worth trying online singing lessons.

How many singing lessons do you need?

Minimum once a week, but preferred twice a week. Regular practice would help you to continue developing your skills. If you already have some background and confidence in singing, it normally takes less than that, approximately around 3-6 lessons.

Do singing lessons really work?

Definitely! As like any other lessons, singing lessons can also help you sing in the proper way by breath controlling, etc. If you can sing on pitch, your voice is pleasant/unique and you can hear the notes then lessons will help immensely. If you can’t hold a pitch and your voice is grating, voice lessons won’t fix that.

What is a good age to start vocal lessons?

It’s best to start voice lessons once your voice is grounded enough. Most people makes the mistake and things early starting like in 3 or 4 years old is good. Unfortunately formal vocal training is not that successful and appropriate at that age.

how much are singing lessons