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Various studies show that there is a direct link between music education and higher school and professional success. In particular, playing the piano promotes core competencies such as ability to concentrate, perseverance, emotional intelligence and memory. No matter if you start with 17 or 70, learning successes are relatively fast on this instrument. It’s also incredibly fun to sit at the piano and dive into the relaxing world of music. So there are many good reasons to learn to play the piano. In an interview with the cost check expert, you will learn what a piano lesson can cost, what to look for when choosing the right teacher, and what is important for good piano lessons.

At what cost do I have to expect piano lessons from a private teacher?

Cost Check: The price of a piano lesson with a private piano teacher depends greatly on the region in which you live. 45 minutes of instruction in Wilhelmshaven cost about 70 EUR on average, while in Cologne you have to budget about 90 EUR and in Stuttgart even 110 EUR.

However, the costs of the piano lesson also depend on how long the desired lesson is.

lesson durationprice
30 minutes10 – 30 EUR
45 minutes20 – 35 EUR
60 minutes25 – 40 EUR

The above cost schedule refers to longer-term contracts where you book a fixed number of music lessons for a month, a half or a whole year.

If you prefer occasional individual lessons , for example, because you want to refresh your knowledge regularly, you have to expect about 25 percent higher costs . For a 45-minute lesson, the variant that is chosen by about 90 percent of the students, you have to expect an average of 45 euros in this case .

Is group lesson cheaper?

Cost check: Many music teachers offer music lessons in small groups. This is usually cheaper because the cost of the qualified teacher is shared by several people. Learning in the group is especially fun for children, but the piano teacher can not concentrate so much on a student.

How often should I take lessons?

Cost check: A music lesson a week is a rhythm that has proven itself. If lessons are less frequent, progress is slower. This can lead to loss of motivation and especially children quickly lose their appetite.

Is the way worthwhile to the music school?

Cost check: Nearly every major city has a music school where qualified teachers give piano lessons. In addition to public institutions that fulfill a public educational mission and receive funding, there are also private music schools. Most of the lessons here are a bit cheaper than a private piano teacher . In the music school you can almost always choose between group and private lessons.

However, for a fixed period of time, usually half a year, you commit yourself to the music school. If you lose the fun or if you do not have time to attend music classes for a few weeks for professional reasons, you still have to pay the agreed amount for the missed lessons. Upon termination, it is important to adhere to fixed times. If this is not a problem for you, you will get a very good piano lesson from a qualified teacher in music schools, and at a very fair price.

I prefer private lessons – how do I find the right teacher?

Cost check: Maybe someone in your circle of acquaintances plays the piano and can recommend you a qualified piano teacher. Alternatively, it is worth taking a look at the local daily newspaper. Frequently, music teachers advertise here and you can contact them directly by phone.

In addition, the internet research is recommended. Here you can compare offers from teachers in your area and arrange a first appointment for a trial lesson. In many cases, this is even free. For some piano teachers you have to budget 10 to 20 EUR for this introductory lesson.

How do I recognize a suitable piano teacher?

Cost Check: A good piano teacher can think about your difficulties in learning the instrument. He should be able to convey the basics as well as the right technique in a vivid way and at the same time to spark more joy in the music.

The renowned concert pianist is not always the better piano teacher. If the virtuoso does not have pedagogical skills, he can not successfully convey his own skills. The young graduate of a recognized conservatoire who can empathize with his students is in this case often the equally qualified and at the same time more favorable choice.

What do I have to watch out for when signing a long-term contract with the piano teacher?

Cost check: Clarify in advance whether you can skip or postpone an hour without any problems and whether you have to bear the costs for it. Especially if you are employed professionally this point is not negligible.

In addition, you should clarify whether the piano teacher comes to your home. The approach makes piano lessons more expensive, but this solution is very convenient.

Learning to play the piano online or via app – is that possible?

Cost check: This variant of the piano lessons is very cheap or even free, but it is not quite uncritical to see. As a supplement and to deepen what you have already learned online lessons or the app can be quite helpful. As a sole form of learning, however, it is not recommended. Even if you are able to rework the content independently and well, this does not replace the guidance and practice of having a qualified piano teacher.

In direct lessons, you can address difficulties immediately and practice difficult passages of a piece of music. Technical mistakes that occur frequently when learning to play the piano are immediately corrected by the teacher, while you receive no feedback from online lessons.

Do I need a separate piano for the lesson?

Cost check: That depends on which lesson variant you have decided. Of course, if lessons take place in the music school or at your music teacher’s home, there is an instrument at your disposal. If the piano teacher comes to you, you need at least an electric piano, whose keys can be played similar to those of a piano.

For regular practice, you will need an instrument in any case. It can be an electric piano or an acoustic piano.

How much is a piano?

Cost check: Start playing the piano, you do not have to buy the instrument immediately, because pianos you can borrow relatively cheap for a longer period. The acquisition costs for this noble instrument vary greatly, as shown in the following table:

Mietklavier40 – 125 EUR plus delivery
acoustic piano, useddepending on condition 1.500 to 3.000 EUR
acoustic piano, new4,000 to 30,000 euros
Electric piano800 – 20,000 EUR
wing6,500 to 200,000 EUR, depending on size and quality

If you decide for your own piano, you can definitely rely on a good, used instrument. Unlike cars and many technical devices, a piano has a lifespan of a hundred years and more, so it’s a life-long purchase. Since it is usually difficult for non-professionals to find a suitable second-hand instrument, you should seek advice from a specialist or your piano teacher.

Our tip: Especially if you want to practice the evening hours, an electric piano is a great alternative. This instrument can be played with headphones, so that the neighbors are not disturbed.

How much exercise time do I have to schedule?

Cost check: This depends primarily on what musical goals you pursue. Many music teachers recommend beginners to make music for about twenty minutes every day. Of course, the more you play, the faster you get results.

If you have more time available, experts suggest that piano learners should spend two or three short sessions a day rather than sit at the instrument for one hour at a time. Children who have a great talent and the desire to become professional musicians should play music for at least three hours a day.

Do you need any prior musical knowledge to learn to play the piano?

Cost check: These can be helpful, but they are not mandatory. All the necessary knowledge, such as reading notes or music theory, is conveyed by the piano teacher, allowing you access to the wonderful variety of music.

Is there a difference between keyboard and piano lessons?

Cost check: Even if the piano and keyboard look very similar at first glance, both instruments are very different in terms of touch and feel. The effort required to play the keyboard keys is much lower, while the piano keys provide a wider sound spectrum due to their dynamics.

As a rule, therefore, more theoretical knowledge is taught in classical piano lessons. The technique of the game (hand position, fingering, attack) is just as much a part of teaching as harmony and grading theory. In keyboard lessons, on the other hand, students primarily learn to operate the unit correctly.

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