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You may want to compose a song and would like to start with the music but you don’t know where, or maybe you have some lyrics and you want to find a tune to see if the song is on the right track. 

Here you will find some good tips to start composing your song and it sounds really good.

There is a lot of talk about formulas and methods to compose a song, and to be honest there is some truth. 

Many people do not know the vast majority of popular songs are composed with three chords. 

However, we cannot ignore the fact that another part of the songs known as “difficult” are based on the same principle as simple songs. This principle is known as Theory of the three chords.

The interesting thing about this theory is that it serves to compose songs in a little while, in an easy way, to have the basis of a song that will be much more complex or simply to improvise and sound good without perhaps knowing a lot of music.

How to compose a song?

Importantly, this explanation is to start composing a song by chords.

Of course to use this theory it is necessary to have a minimum knowledge of music, at least the major scale and the basic chords and obviously know how to play a couple of basic chords in our instrument. Once you have mastered the basic chords it is clear that there are some chords that sound better together than others following the explanation:

Theory of the three chords

In any tone there are three chords that appear in virtually any basic progression. That is to say according to the tone there are 3 chords that together that always sound good, it doesn’t matter what order you play them and they are the basis of any composition. These chords are known by the name of the primary chords

You can find any of these chords in any tone by looking at the major scale.

The method is simple, you simply play a chord that sets the tone for the song, you see which is the 4th and 5th notes of that scale. It’s called Theory of the three chords because those three chords will always sound good no matter what order you play them.

How do you compose a piano song?

How to compose a song: Tips for beginners

Writing a song requires different techniques and methods of musical composition. Therefore, we show you some guidelines and tips to start composing a song.

Not everyone is good at composing and not all songs turn out to be a hit, so you have to be patient: there are tricks to know how to make a catchy song, and in this article we are going to tell you all.

Even if you think that to play your creation properly you will need a group of several instruments, choose only one to compose, and that it is one with which you feel completely comfortable: the guitar, the piano, a flute, a synthesizer or any of the musical instruments you choose.

You must also be very clear what kind of emotion you want to convey and check if listening to what you are composing really gives you that feeling you are looking for, since if you do not feel it, others will not either.

Finally, you must know the parts of a song to be able to write one in the right way. These parts are:

  • Verse: if the song were a novel, the verse would be the part that tells the story, and should not be repetitive, but should vary a little each time it appears (either because the lyrics vary or because there are changes in the music ).
  • Bridge: This is a part of the song completely different from the rest and that is usually between a verse and a chorus or vice versa. It is the part of the song that gives you excitement.
  • Chorus or chorus: it is the part of the song that is repeated, and insists on a main idea of ​​the song.

In addition, you should know that all songs have a melody (the rhythm, what people are going to hum) and a key, that is, a specific range of notes. If, for example, you have an ascending melody (do re mi), the code indicates whether it is a high or a low C and, therefore, if an acute or severe notation will be followed. And a hook is also necessary that is the part of the song that people will recognize anywhere, even without hearing the lyrics, and many composers choose to put it at the beginning of the song to hook the incoming listener.

Once you have those clear previous steps, you can follow the instructions below:

  • Write the first chords you can think of and follow from there. If you can’t think of anything, pick up an instrument, start the recorder and improvise for a while. Surely something good comes from there.
  • Structure the chords and join them : you can start by writing the verse and the chorus and then distribute them so that the result is in a way that conveys what you want to convey. There are base structures for almost all genres, but you can also be innovative and create a structure from scratch.
  • Finally, if it is to have lyrics, add it .

How to compose the lyrics of a song?

Well, now you have your basic rhythm. You have composed a melody to which you can now add (or not) a letter , for this you will be able to follow the following steps:

  • Start writing the first thing you can think of. Any idea, as crazy or boring as it may seem, can be the basis for a song. Do not become obsessed in giving a clear structure from the beginning, but you must focus on developing the story.
  • Keep the melody in mind while you write the lyrics and try to hum it or sing the lyrics adapting it to it.
  • Adapt the lyrics to the different parts of the song. Remember that the verse must have variations and the chorus be repetitive.

Tips to overcome creative jams

  • Imitate before creating. Sometimes it seems to us that the song we work on looks a lot like some we like, and that is not bad per se. Imitating the style of others is a very interesting and useful way to learn to compose, know certain tricks and, in general, improve. Wondering what makes a song that is a success good or relaxing listening to the music of others helps to put ideas in order, and they are tricks that even the biggest ones use: Bob Dylan meditates with other people’s songs, Greenday has a song that uses them chords of The Passenger, Iggy Pop … The key is not that your ideas are super original, but that you give them your personal touch. A good version is often better than a mediocre original song.
  • Use the narrative arc: the songs tell stories, and the stories have introduction, knot and outcome. Make the lyrics and music of your songs also have these three parts and adapt the melody to the different rhythms of the story and it will be a success, no doubt.
  • Analyze the structure of the musical successes and you will see that most have many points in common, and, if you still do not see it clearly, search YouTube for a video about Pachelbel’s canon and its presence in current pop-rock music. It can be a great revelation.
  • Think about the possibility of working with another musician , since sometimes what for one is an insurmountable obstacle for the other can be an inspiration.
  • Write what you would like to hear . Listen continuously to know if you are on the right track, if you transmit, if it will be attractive …
  • Do not faint , even if your song is not successful, since one is usually not enough, and worse would be to succeed the first and only with the first. Surely many One Hit Wonders would change their initial successes without continuity for long and prosperous careers without thinking, so be patient.
  • Remember that we live in the age of the Internet , and that the network can offer you many sites to inspire you, learn or seek help. Do not underestimate those resources.

Music editing programs to compose a song

There are many music editing programs out there. In our opinion, the best program is the BTV Solo.

You actually need to keep in mind that most of the music editing programs are costly and difficult to understand without training. BTV Solo doesn’t cost much money nor requires any training.

It is a myth that music editing should cost a lot of money. I have used the Music program for a number of years and am very pleased. This program I have used to create professional beats for advertising and jingles on the radio that I have made money from. Download by clicking the image.

how to compose a song using BTV Solo
Compose a song

So what music editor is it that costs so little and still is good? It is this music program .

Earlier, the producers would book a studio room to create music! Forget about it. This is a new millennium. 

Technological innovation advancement in this century has made it achievable for any person to generate incredible beats using their computer with ease.

how to compose a song

Regardless of your ability or credentials you can produce your own tune if you have an internet connection. Due to the interest in making music from home the music maker software developers have made these software systems easier to use and affordable.

It is possible with imaginative skills to be so creative with music producer software that you can fully control your way of music and simply create your own style beats. The user interface is what makes their navigation menu so very easy to navigate.

Generate great music with all the bass lines, beats and music samples that you have access to all completely free of charge. 

You are able to do whatever you want with the songs you generate they are completely your own. Exchange them, hold them, give them away, or just do as you please.

Music producer software has a variety of sounds that can be downloaded. There are a few music producer computer systems on the internet that have superior sound quality and are wonderfully beat makers. Which are key features for someone to create quality beats.

If you have looked at what it takes to create your own music online, you have found that in most cases it is not cheap. Equipment costs a lot of money, and this is not what we all need to start with when you want to get into hip hop and rap choice making the game.

There is also a huge learning curve for much of the software you find online. They take a fair amount of experience in producing to use them to make sweet beats. 

Fortunately, there is a solution to both this problem. Hands down the best and cheapest beat making software you can find to create professional beats right from your computer. 

This is the full package, with thousands of beats, sounds, effects and tools to play with. Drum sets, keyboards, sequencers, samplers and much more, the Music Program gives you everything you need to start making sick beats. And when they are ready? Burn them to CD and get your name out there. Take it to the next level!

Making beats doesn’t have to be something you need to have lots of knowledge about or access to a crazy studio anymore. You can start making your own professional beats in under 15 minutes. Think you have what it takes to make the next big rap or hip hop beat? Don’t get into the game with anything less than the Music program. Being a manufacturer myself, I recommend this to anyone who wants to start out.

You say you practically never made music until today. Let’s not tear the programs will come with thorough training educational videos. The course will have you producing your own rhythms in no time. Learning how to make these fabulous sounds gives you suggestions as you go along.

In addition to this, when you produce some rhythms and are chillin in bed. You have no idea how incredible it will make you really feel when you pay attention to your own work. You can’t even possibly believe the songs you want to produce.

You can be developing professional quality music with this music producer software, and at a small cost. With the right music producer software you will save energy, time and so you can be free to discover your creative talents.

This article will tell you how to quickly and easily get started making some hot beats on your computer with the help of an online beat maker such as the Music Program.

If you start out as a producer or want to make a beat and have done some research on how to make rap or hip hop beats you will see that although there is a lot of information on forums and some advice, but it is not really a step-by-step guide for beginners to get started.

Most online discussions and advice on making beats revolve around large production programs like Logic Pro or Cubase, these can be difficult to get your head around and take a long time to find out about an appetizer.

Usually to make the kind of beats that you listen to your favorite tunes you would need an audio studio or years of practice and experience in using professional music sequencing software to get the same king of quality.

This is where you can get in trouble, of course if you have the money and time to learn all about music production then it may be the start of your new favorite hobby, but unfortunately many of us are not in that position.

Which leads us to the question: “How can I get started making beats fast?”

I get this kind of question all the time. How to make a rap beat? What are the best sounds and try to use? What is the best software for making beats?

Well you may be in luck then there is a new software package that is getting a lot of attention from young manufacturers as well as professionals.

It’s a music program we’ve mentioned before, and the reason why it shows so popular is because it gives you a complete solution to start making your own beats from home with ease! You don’t have to waste time looking for good samples or looking for advice on how to make a good bass sound using complicated software.

If you think of other products on the market for example you have Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Fruity Loops and Ableton which are good desktop music studios but they will cost you an arm and a leg and you need to know about music production or even have done a music technology course to even get a simple tune out of them!

I’ve been working in the music business and producing urban beats (rap, hip-hop, breaks, dubstep and drum and bass) for a while and I’ve invested a lot of money and effort into trying to make beats and tunes that figure toppers and I use to to tell everyone who asked me how I do my beats that it’s not easy and it takes a long time before I discovered the Music Program.

Here’s a program for making music is the first DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that sites on your desktop and gives you all the functionality of a real recording studio at the click of a finger!

The interface is user friendly and really does not require much knowledge of music production to make a simple beat in minutes. It is very easy to use.

Looking for the best samples for rap and hip-hop beats can be a long and often costly process, but when you sign up for the Music program you get 1000 high quality samples (worth hundreds of dollars) from a variety of genres to choose from .

The best thing about this is the sound of the beats that you are going to use. They have been recorded in a proper recording studio so they sound amazing!

Once you have done your tune you can easily export studio quality sound tracks, ready for the clubs.

You can also make any kind of music as you like. You can create rap or hip hop, dance music, R&B, drum and bass possibilities are endless!

If you’ve been to a club and wondered how to make your own studio quality pace with out having to invest years of experience, this is the solution for you.

If you play any instrument you will probably come to a point where you want to play music in conjunction with other instruments. That number became the backing track or jam tracks record. You let them run in the background and play your part over what is pretty good exercise instructions. The only problem is: How to get high quality backing tracks? You can search online and download some backing tracks for free, but the quality is almost everywhere very low. Most of the tracks come in Midi format wich does not produce the best sound. On the other hand, you can buy backing tracks on CD or online which are quite good but also quite expensive. One method I used before was simply to create my own backing beats by recording them. This is obviously the best way when it comes to quality and price, but it is time consuming, and you need to play all the instruments yourself. For a beginner, this can be a frustrating task.

How about a software that easily produces large drum tracks and simulates other instruments straight from the box? If you want an easy and very inexpensive way to do it this way I can recommend a beatmaker called Music Program. It is available for $ 30 which is amazing for the package you get. Please refer to the detailed review at the bottom for more information.

Like I said jam tracks with the Music program are very simple and intuitive. You just pick a nice sounding drum kit and create a good beat, pick a nice bass and create a baseline for your song and if you like insert some melody instruments. When you’re done, you can change the tempo, mix up the track and start jamming into your own personal jam track! For musicians this is a great tool for practicing their parts. With jamtrack looping in the background you get a great “in the band” feel.

As you work on your track, you can even change the samples, drum kits and instruments on the kick to see which ones fit your style. Speaking of styles you are not limited to any genres with the Music program. The software is capable of producing fine-sounding backing tracks for every genre such as blues, rock, metal, country, jazz, folk and so on.

In this article, I show you a nice little program to make your own backing track quick and easy. I use to produce simple jam tracks in 20 minutes with this, and the sound is great for this small price.

Check more about the program in the article BTV Solo Review .