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Falsetto – what is it? Often we hear: “He sings falsetto.” And many, for some reason, immediately think that something is wrong with this: unprofessional, false, far from art. It has long been common in everyday life that those who sing falsetto are people who do not have a voice. Some people think that this is an insulting word, which necessarily offends the singer. In fact, not everything is so. In the music world, the meaning of the word “falsetto” has almost nothing to do with lies.

The term “falsetto” and its history

This word comes from Italian falso, which really translates as counterfeit, false, wrong. In the old days, falsette rang a voice, which, when it was a song, performed the part over the tenor. He was entrusted with the main melody. Over time, the concept was somewhat transformed, and today, under the creases, the upper notes are meant, which causes the breath to slip over the vocal tapes, barely touching them.

How to sing falsetto
How to sing falsetto?

And today falsetto – what is it? He gained great popularity in the mid-twentieth century, “rising” to the stage scene from the chant, which the people called “doo wop”. It was very popular in the US. And the unmatched master of falsetto is still the Mexican Miguel Aceves Meia.

Falsetto – what is it?

If you are going to speak the language of musicians, then this is the top (male) voice register, which is above the regular range. It sounds very soft and not rich in overtones.

Fold the voice contrast with the chest, which is characterized by fullness and chest sound. It is created through participation in the process of bronchia and lungs, which performs the function of the resonator. And the vocal range of chest performance is minimally narrow. With the crease, the ligaments are severely removed from each other, the gap is wide, the exhalation requires great effort. Bronchi and lungs in this case rest.

Take a very high note in a chest-thumping difficulty – it is only subject to opera singers with good practice. Everyone else must switch to falsetto. He falsifies the natural voice and maintains the purity of intonation. Falsetto receptions are usually used by male singers. At the same time, her voice becomes like a woman’s.

How to sing falsetto? – Learn to sing falsetto

To master this skill you must train hard and know some tricks. The following dissertations will help you understand how to sing falsetto correctly:

  • High notes require the ability to breathe deeply. And that is again impossible without well-developed lungs.
  • Go for high notes should be gradual.
  • Air in the folds is pushed through the stomach upwards – to the head. And vibrates there.
  • Swelling muscles do not stretch.
  • The chest does not vibrate (you may be convinced by attaching your hand to it).
  • Only the edges of the vocal cords are involved.

How to sing Falsetto? wikiHow?

Now the reader knows the answer to the question: Falsetto – what is it? This is the upper voting register. Singing with a falsetto is difficult. Learn this skill better under the guidance of an experienced teacher. And if there isn’t one, you can check this online singing lessons we have reviewed. These would definitely help.

How to sing falsetto