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The virtual piano: the new instrument for aspiring pianists.

In addition to the guitar, the piano is one of the most popular instruments in music schools.

You also want to start piano lessons, but you do not have an acoustic piano (grand piano, piano) or e-piano?

Do not worry!

There is still a way to plunge you into the adventure of piano playing – with the virtual piano .

This instrument, which can be used on a computer, tablet or smartphone, can be taken anywhere .

A great way to practice your piano lessons whenever you can.

Playing the piano becoming so easy with these online piano lessons. Check more with our review article “Piano for all review”.

The best conditions to make you a pianist!

What is a virtual piano?

Music history has already produced numerous instruments, one being more unusual than the other.

The last addition to the piano family was Opus 102 , which has more than 14 keys more than a classical piano . A new instrument that could cause a sensation.

But this piano is not the only one that has revolutionized the world of music.

After digital pianos hit the market in the 1980s, today’s musicians have become a new kind of instrument: the online instruments!

Although the synthesizers and keyboards of Steinway, Yamaha or Bösendorfer are still up to date, online pianos give more people access to an instrument and give them the opportunity to learn how to make music themselves .

They are very easy to use and, once downloaded or connected, can be operated using the keys on the computer keyboard. This makes it easy to play the notes of your favorite tunes.

This is a small revolution in the music world, which also greatly simplifies the grading learning online !

But will the virtual piano completely replace the classic piano or grand piano one day?

The virtual piano: For which target audience and which use is it suitable?

Used as an instrument or game , the virtual piano has many uses .

It is especially appreciated by beginners who do not want to slaughter their piggy bank right away to start making music .

Buying a piano is a big investment, so you should be really sure and prefer to start with a virtual keyboard before buying the piano of your dreams!

Especially if you want to teach yourself piano playing, the virtual piano is a popular alternative.

Even composers get their money, because on this instrument can be played both piano sounds and sounds of completely different instruments.

In addition, some virtual pianos can record their own compositions using MIDI technology .

But the virtual piano can also be used by the smallest, whether for fun or to get acquainted with making music and to work on the coordination of the hands .

Whether as a complement to the piano lesson, as a learning basis or simply for pleasure – the virtual piano has something to offer for everyone, or at least almost.

It should be known that savvy musicians are unlikely to make much headway with this type of keyboard.

While ideal for beginners, it offers the opportunity to learn some familiar pieces by following the instructions in an app.

But if you want to learn something about improvisation, use of the pedals or sound variation, it is rather inappropriate.

How can an online piano help with piano learning?

Making music on your own computer may sound like a fun pastime, but is it really effective if you want to learn to play the piano and improve?

Music composition, fingerings, chords, the notation of notes (eg, learning to note piano ), the deciphering of scores – learning all this requires some effort and is not really the purpose of virtual pianos.

What are virtual pianos for?

Virtual pianos are available in many different forms. For example as software, as an app, via websites, …

On the internet, some online pianos are equipped with additional lessons to help you learn the basics of the piano.

The topics range from the coordination of both hands over the playing of a melody to memorizing chords or learning a piece.

A great way to start learning piano with online piano .

But learning only works under certain conditions.

Many pianists start making music with an online piano because the next music school is too far from their place of residence. That’s a very good reason to dodge the online piano.

The instrument can be learned very effectively, provided that you are sufficiently motivated as a musician and practice regularly . Only then is progress possible.

In fact, the online piano allows anyone to learn at their own pace. There is no given time for the piano lessons, because it is up to the musician himself, to divide his time .

Not always an easy task if you have a busy schedule. That’s why it’s so important to stay motivated.

In addition, you can work with the virtual piano wherever you want. Whether with headphones in the library or at home in your own living room, the virtual piano can be transported anywhere. An advantage that should not be underestimated.

And the online piano is an instrument that adapts to all ages .

The youngest ones are helped by piano games on the Internet, while young people are motivated by the challenges offered by some apps.

However, one should keep in mind that the virtual piano is especially useful for bloody beginners. Likewise, one should be aware that playing on a computer is not exactly like playing a real piano.

And finally, you must be aware that online piano will never replace a good piano teacher and educator .

Decide for piano tutoring

The virtual piano is an excellent complement to real piano lessons that you should visit with a teacher.

You do not need to buy your own piano because it is provided to you by your teacher, so you can learn to play on a real piano.

So it is possible to take distance education with a piano teacher, which requires that you have a piano at home.

The teachers themselves determine their fee, which can vary depending on the region, the travel time, the experience of the teacher, the level of the student or the learning goals of the pianist (preparation for a competition, entrance to the conservatory, stage performance, improvisation …).

Often, the first lesson is free, so that the student can make sure that the teaching method of the piano teacher corresponds to what he is looking for. Use this opportunity to try out several teachers if you are still unsure.

Virtual Piano Keyboard: The Best Apps

Whether for a computer, tablet or smartphone, there are numerous apps if you want to learn piano or play an instrument.

And these have many benefits for the user.

The first is obvious: the ability to play anywhere , even on the bus or in the train.

Are you tired of the long distances by public transport after work?

Many people use their smartphones to switch off or engage in these annoying driving times.

So why not use this time to make learning progress and use a virtual piano app to learn piano ?

You can now train everywhere the agility of your hands and your finger skills!

For Android smartphones and tablets there are apps like “Piano Perfect”, “Pianist HD: Piano +” or “My Piano”.

These are all free and allow piano playing via a virtual keyboard to play tunes.

MIDI recordings, using the pedals, playing chords – apps are almost nothing compared to the real piano.

Also for iOS devices, there are several apps: “Virtual Piano Keyboard”, “Playing Virtual Piano” … Most are free and available in English.

With some apps it is possible to record your own pieces – ideal if you want to try the art of composition.

Available in the Apple Store, it can be used to create realistic sounds that can match those of a grand piano, a piano, an electric piano, a keyboard or an organ.

But apps are not just for tablets or smartphones. Some are also available for the PC. These include, for example, “Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard”, “Everyone Piano” or “KB Piano”.

These three computer softwares are free. You can find tutorials explaining how to use all these apps and softwares on YouTube.

But how do you decide on an app?

A big question that depends very much on your expectations, your level and your age.

It’s a good idea to compare several programs to see which one best suits your needs.

Playing the Piano Online for Beginners: The first steps on the piano

Virtual pianos are not just apps that you just play with, if you do not know much about piano playing.

There are also virtual keyboards that fulfill a playful purpose and are suitable for all ages.

Challenges, competitions, points accumulation – users are offered the best entertainment.

And just because it’s games, the learning effect is no less great.

On the contrary, games are great for making progress in one area.

All you need to do is remember the best games from your childhood.

All of us are and will remain great children when it comes to learning something: one prefers things when they are connected with joy, so that one does not get the feeling to learn. This applies to adults as well as to babies .

Online games with piano keyboard are just as effective .

In many of these piano games, the goal is to play the notes of a familiar piece by tapping the keys displayed by the app at the right moment. Just like the well-known game Guitar Hero.

This is an excellent way to work on his musical hearing and his dexterity and to play the pieces of renowned composers.

In some games it is possible to register in a leaderboard with all other players. This is how you get to reach a certain level .

Repetition is crucial for learning. And to beat other competitors and crack the highscore, you’ll have to repeat the pieces over and over.

Without realizing it, you will notice the keys of your favorite piece.

But where do you find all these games?

Websites like, or offer numerous games on the internet:

  • Animal Piano,
  • Piano Hero,
  • Piano master,
  • Piano Simulator,
  • Piano puppy,
  • Rainbow piano,
  • Piano talent.

You can also find other games through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Some are even available offline!

Also take a look at the comments of other players to read their opinions. So you’ll see if the game really meets your expectations.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of games:

  • Free Piano App by Yokee
  • Piano Cats,
  • Piano Tiles 2 ™,
  • Real Piano Teacher.

On which online piano websites is it best to learn piano?

Learning to play piano online is a method like any other that many piano students choose.

What could be better than playing an instrument for free while sitting in your room?

Some online piano websites even offer lessons for those who want to learn to play the piano themselves.

They are usually more complete than virtual piano apps for smartphones, as they also include real piano lessons.

Piano lessons that cover the basics of the piano, such as:

  • Music theory courses,
  • Piano chords,
  • The game of both hands,
  • The rhythm,
  • Improvisation.

But the most important thing, if you want to learn piano or keyboard yourself, is a good organization .

Regular practice, the right learning method, the right virtual piano and constant repetition are the nuts and bolts. These are important tips if you want to be successful.

Maybe you’ll buy a real piano afterwards?

Even if the instrument is not very handy, you can train both hands at the same time; the left one for the chords and the right one for the melody.

But in the meantime , online piano websites allow you to get into the music and learn the pace, sense of rhythm, etc.

You can also learn to play simple but effective pieces (Brother Jacob, All Birds are already there, Greensleeves, …).

So let’s get to the virtual piano!

We recommend the following websites:

  • Pianist Factory: This extensive website has something for even a little more advanced piano student. Several keys can be pressed simultaneously on this virtual keyboard to play chords like on a real piano. Thematically ordered learning units complete the virtual piano and make progress possible.
  • RecursiveArts: Thanks to the integrated metronome, this website is ideal to work on your sense of rhythm. A great feature is the recording and playback function, with which you can save your songs.
  • Online Pianist: This website offers only three free songs. To unlock the entire repertoire of pop and rock songs, you have to pay between 4 and 9 € per month. The free version, however, offers free tutorials that are made available through the website.
  • Virtual Piano: The user interface is very simple, so you can concentrate fully on the keyboard. Then you can choose a piece of music. Each note is displayed and you only need to play it on the virtual keyboard.