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If you are a piano enthusiast, but having some problems while grasping to play it perfectly, then you will just love the way you are gonna learn to master the piano just like a piece of cake with the help of Piano for all. Read this article “Piano for all Review” to know more about an ingenious way to learn piano.

Piano for all is a step-by-step course which gives the learner a perfectly solid foundation of chords and rhythms at first, and then progressing to playing smoothly by ear and sight co-ordination.

Piano for all Review
Piano for all

First of all, make sure that you just wanna learn playing songs on the piano and not perfect classical music, because it’s just a completely different thing. But if you wanna play songs in a mesmerizing way, then this is the go-to course for you.

The best thing about this course is that they teach us just the right things, which we can apply in our own music. The way that piano is taught here, you’re gonna feel very very comfortable, the course is built in way that makes perfect sense.

Piano for all teach you the basics first, which serve as the  foundation blocks for your building of piano knowledge. Unlike other courses which gives you too much of the boring theories at once, here they give the exact needed amount of theory eradicating any amounts of boredom from the learning experience.

Pianoforall Review

Pianoforall even give more problem-like examples from famous songs of the 1950s and 60s which further remove any amount of boredom lurking when you are practicing.

One more great thing is that you have a PDF notes, which you can print out, and you can take a look upon it before starting that lesson, so that you already know what you are gonna learn in the lesson, it’s like revising our notes just before an exam, we already know the concepts, the theory and so on, we just need a little bit of final touch-ups.

Piano for all course gives the most focus on the chords, which is a very good thing, and it really helps a lot if you wanna play songs. The teacher is just the best thing in the entire course, he plays and explains very very well.

There’s a virtual keyboard in the handcam of the teacher too, such that you can know the exact notes and chords without any issues.

Piano for all Review

The structure of the course is really comfortable, you get to learn easier and popular songs at first, and even basic blues too. At the next level you are introduced to jazz, which is just at a completely different level.

It is almost impossible to grasp jazz music, but the teacher just makes it very very easy to grasp it and understand it. Some of the even professional pianists have problems in playing jazz, but you are introduced to a better and simple side of it, so that you can master it without any stress or issues.

He just simplifies all the lessons just to the right level. The course is very very inexpensive, you just get everything you need to be a professional pianist just in a very cheap cost.

The cost of the whole course is almost equal or even less than what you need to pay just for a single lesson by a private offline teacher, it’s just crazy how money works, right?

There are tens of thousands of online reviews for this course with an average ratings of 4.7, this is the only music course online I have ever seen with such a big user base and positive reviews.

One of the most distinct feature of this course is the way they teach you, it uses a combination of keyboard diagrams and musical notations, and also media clips to perfectly emphasize each part of the song perfectly.

When we move on, Piano for all actually show us the musical notation what we have been playing, you are surely going to get amazed on how difficult the music which we are playing through a much more practical method looks on paper!

In some other similar online courses, we can see some complicated diagrams and musical layouts which take quite a lot of time to understand, but in Pianoforall they have simplified it to the most convenient level, thus helping us to visualize better and move on playing our own music too.

Another thing in other courses is that they don’t give emphasis to each and every concept, but in this course they give maximum emphasis to each and every concept and you cannot move on without understanding the previous concept.

The overall best thing we found is the Speed Learning Block, which gives practical advice on how to stay focused and progress very fast, which is really important for any person who learns piano without any expert personal supervision.

You can boost your analyzing abilities by studying this course and practising piano by the method recommended by this course.

The course helps you to see music as a mathematical equation, which before understanding seems like a nut coated with iron, only when we gain enough knowledge and practice hard, we can really crack the nut and consume it, thus solving the equation and playing complex music is very very similar, which will be specified by going through this course.

Painoforall comes with E-books, which are literally the best things in this course, they are so very fine and precise that you’ll feel very satisfied after going through them, without any stress or tiredness.

We can access the program by downloading the it from the web, or we also can have it mailed o our home address. The files are already in PDF form, such that you can easily print them and use them as literal books too.

The audios and video files are embedded using hyperlinks just next to the written files, so that you can access them without any need to search for them and play them separately, thus making it instantly accessible.

The user-friendly helping nature of the course is the best. The creator of Piano for all, Robin Hall always gives a swift reply to whatever queries we mail him through the email ID of the program.

This kind of amazing helpline is usually lacking in most of the other similar music courses. Even the updates are very regular, and they are mailed directly to the users, regarding the buying of pianos or MIDI keyboards, internet music sites, music book reviews and so on.

The most common reason for many youngsters as well as middle class people to quit learning to play piano is the huge cost implication required for the same. Many get discouraged just after hearing the thousands of dollars which private piano tutors demand for teaching to play it.

But this course is a big exception for it, as it is just too cheap, and even a normal high-school student can afford to go for it and become an expert pianist.

Most of the people ask for Piano for all review and some asks questions like “Is piano for all any good?” or “Is piano for all worth it?”, etc. Because many people have experienced the scam of online music courses, where they pay for a certain lesson, and the explanation is not good at all, but Robin Hall’s Piano for all is a big exception for this, it is definitely worth the money and effort you put into it.

Robin Hall claims that with regular practice and the help of his program, anyone can master the piano within just a matter of months, which seems impossible because other through courses it may take you years to master the piano; even if you go for lesson privately too.

Thus, we can save our money, time and also effort and still master the traditional piano like a piece of cake. Another good thing about this is that the program can be viewed and accessed using any kind of device like PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or even any Android Phone or Tablet too.

The instructions given in the course are also very easy to understand too. There are 9 books, which are fully filled with content which will sow the seed for you to become the next ‘Piano Legend’.

The one thing that greatly distinguishes this program from private classes is that it’s an online course, and you can go through it easily in the comfort of your home and use it to our convenience.

If you are a regular traveler, then this is the go-to program for you, as you can store the e-books in your gadgets, and you can go through them on the go in the bus, train, plane, etc.

The course doesn’t involve waiting time, as in private courses you’ve to wait until the teacher is available and settle a suitable time for their as well as your convenience. But by using piano for all, you can watch the lessons any time, any where without having to wait for anyone’s arrival or anyone’s permission.

Pianoforall Review : 100% Money back guarantee

There is one more great thing, that is you will get 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course, so there’s nothing to worry about. You have a 60-day money back guarantee whose clock starts as soon as you subscribe to the program.

Piano for all Review : Cons

Well, there are some cons for this course too, even though the books and PDFs they provide us are very good, but the video and audio quality is not that high quality, as compared to some other similar courses, but ok to view and listen.

The other con is that there are no chat rooms or forums in the course, or any other online feature to contact others who also are going through the very same course.

Another drawback is that the music pieces are not included in the e-books, but they are given a referenced link to free music sites in each of the chapters.

The piano for all books are very bulky and full of volume, thus people who are somewhat scared of big books with a lot of things to read may feel a kind of burden while going through this program.

Overall, Piano for all is one of the most straightforward ways to learn the piano and master it without much tension about the cost and time-consuming nature of the process. It is just a revolutionary method which has already and will in the future bringing out many of the most genius and fine pianists that the world has ever seen.

Before the dawn of Piano for all, the online music courses were only restricted to major or professional musicians trying to learn from each other.

After that, courses started that only gave complex musical lessons, but none gave teachings from the basic foundation level, that is from chord fundamentals and giving examples of actually how to play those musical notes.

In that time, Piano for all came out as a revolutionary messiah, to save us from spending thousands of dollars for private piano courses, giving all of those at just 40 bucks. It started teaching almost all of the music genre, even including basic classical music too, even though we cannot master classical music by going through just this particular course.

The teaching of all music genres was a big success, as even till date, most of the similar programs do not give lessons on classical music and other similar music genre.

The intricate and perfectly obtained examples given for different notes using PDFs, audios or videos just make it very very easy even for a beginner to perfectly understand any complex not, on the other hand even expert pianists may have problems understanding them in only theory manner.

Piano for all Review : Conclusion

If you want to learn more and more and learn different music styles and even create your own, while improvising your piano talent till you become the best and also understand the notation and theory behind what you have played, and not just by leaning some random notes and playing, Piano for all is the perfect program for you.