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Safety measures while reconditioning batteries

If you want to overhaul a battery, first and foremost check which type of battery it is, what exactly is wrong with the battery and how the battery is assembled. This allows you to estimate exactly whether it is worthwhile to start the revision procedure and whether the battery can still be reconditioned at all.

After all, batteries can be fairly unstable and if you try to overhaul a battery that is very damaged or cannot be saved at all, there is a risk of fire inside the battery or even an explosion of the battery. This risk depends on the type of battery that you want to overhaul. Some batteries are much more sensitive to this than other batteries.

Safety measures for the revision of batteries
Safety measures for the revision of batteries

However, do not let this risk deter you from overhauling batteries yourself. This happens very rarely and if you act with knowledge, this risk is virtually zero.

When is it safe to recondition a battery?

More than 80% of all batteries can be easily and safely overhauled. Of the remaining 20%, 10% of the batteries will almost never cause problems during an overhaul. So there remains 10% of all batteries that should not be overhauled.

In this section we would like to extensively discuss the 80% or 90% of all batteries that will not cause any problems with an overhaul and the relatively small 10% that you should not try to overhaul.

When can you start revising a battery?

A battery may be overhauled if it shows no signs that it may not be overhauled. You can of course go in any direction with this explanation. That is why we would like to list the most dangerous situations:

  • Never attempt to overhaul a battery if it is visibly damaged. First of all, the packaging of the battery must still be completely intact when you want to overhaul it. If you notice that this package has the slightest damage, do not attempt to overhaul it.
  • If you have already opened the battery and you notice that there is something wrong with the wiring or the chemical processes that occur in the battery, do not continue the revision under any circumstances. If you continue to overhaul a battery that is severely damaged, it may cause a short circuit or trigger a hazardous chemical process.
  • Never try to overhaul a leaking battery. Once a battery leaks, it is irreparably damaged. You will no longer get the battery up and running and, moreover, these leaking chemicals can not only cause damage to the environment, but they are also particularly dangerous for yourself.

If a battery shows one of the above signs, take it immediately to a collection point for old batteries, where they will be disposed of and recycled in a professional manner.

General precautions

If you think it is safe to overhaul a particular battery, ensure that you take some important safety precautions during this entire overhaul process.

  • Never start a revision process without safety equipment. Wear protective clothing, safety glasses that protect your eyes on both sides and gloves.
  • Also make sure that you carry out the revision process in a well-lit and ventilated room. You need light to see what you are doing. You need air because you work with chemicals.
  • To the extent possible, also try to protect the place where you are performing the revision. Ensure a stable and fire-resistant surface. A rug on the floor is really not a good idea if you work with hazardous substances. Rather opt for a plastic sheet or something that cannot be damaged by the chemicals.
  • Do not smoke when working with batteries. Even the smallest spark can cause a fire or short circuit.
  • Always work with material that is specifically suited to the type and type of battery that you want to overhaul. This does not have to be an expensive material at all, but this material must be in perfect condition.

If you take our tips into account, then basically nothing can go wrong when overhauling a battery. So don’t be put off by this. All you need is equipment to protect yourself and your environment, solid material and … a good portion of common sense.

Save money by overhauling batteries?

Remember that you can save a lot of money by overhauling your battery. The purchase and installation of a new battery is not cheap at all and you do not have to incur any major costs to overhaul a battery yourself. You can find out how to tackle this through our  Battery Recondition Program . If your battery fails again, view  this page  and learn step by step how you can easily bring dead batteries back to life.

Safety measures for the revision of batteries